Apr 06

Concrete Improvements!

Have you ever considered your home’s driveway as an upgradable  asset?  Well, you might be surprised, but with a small investment, you can take a simple concrete surface and beautify it with a variety of equitable enhancements.

One of the easiest modifications available to you today is the installation of stone, or brick ribbons along the driveway borders. Another idea divides your concrete driveway into a decorative pattern using aged brick, cobble stone, or colored concrete.

Home Improvement projects like this typically take only one to three days, subject to the amount of improvement you design.

Handyman Headquarters is the place to connect with qualified, experience Designer/Contractors who work and live in your community.  Local Contractors are familiar with your community’s architectural themes and materials traditional to your home’s design, and where to purchase the best materials at the best price for your home improvement project.

If your driveway has aged, is broken in spots, or riddled with cracks from years of use, and ground movement, now might be the time to consider replacing it altogether!  Concrete and Paving Contractors can offer you simulated stone texture and color through the installation of a ‘stamped’ concrete surface.

Stamping concrete employs large latex rubber mats, which have been molded to replicate the textural surface conditions of actual stone.  When applied with pressure against soft new concrete, the image and texture of stone is transferred to the concrete.  Concrete color dyes add to the illusion, and ordinary concrete becomes an enduring, attractive stone-like surface.  You can actually transform an ordinary concrete driveway into an artistic masterpiece!

Need some ideas?  Just go to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and connect with a Design/Concrete Contractor who will be glad to provide you with photographs of recent driveway design home improvement ideas, and completed projects.

Even if your driveway is made from asphalt, with a modest budget you can have that driveway re-coated with fresh asphalt, or consider liquid black top for a fraction of the cost.

Re-surfacing, replacing, or enhancing your concrete or asphalt driveway is extremely cost effective, easy to get done, and will actually increase the equity in your home.

For another great idea, consider an easy beautification of your home with the installation of a front yard precast masonry, stone, or brick pilaster, or mail box.  Decorative precast statuary, columns or pilasters are readily available at most landscape facilities, or home improvement and garden centers.

Once delivered to your home, you can have your Handyman Headquarters Contractor set them onto a level concrete base.  Perhaps you might have a stone or brick mailbox professionally designed and installed.  You can even incorporate lighting into your new home improvement!

Regardless of which type of architectural enhancement you might consider, remember, with Handyman Headquarters you get the very best in design and installation.  So get the job done right.  Check out Handyman Headquarters, go to  http://www.lalaborjobs.com/handyman/ for all your home improvement Contracting needs.

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