Jun 16

Save Energy and Save $$$

If your home’s energy bills seem to be rising along with your thermostat setting these days, it may be time to perform a little home maintenance.  Energy costs are indeed increasing nationally, but with a few simple home improvement strategies you can reduce your energy costs, and still beat the summer heat!

Check out the condition of your heating and air conditioning system’s ducting.  Perhaps you have duct work in an attic, basement, or garage.  If so, examine the integrity of the connecting segments.  It is not uncommon for sections of ventilation ducting to weaken at section attachments, and separate, causing significant energy loss.  Typically duct tape will make a quick and solid repair if any sections of duct work have separated.

Be sure prior to re-taping any section of ventilation ducting together to thoroughly clean the attachment points before you apply fresh tape.  This will insure a long lasting, successful repair.  Also check and see if attachment screws are missing, or needed.

Checking out the condition of duct work, and making simple repairs is one thing but should it come to inspecting the mechanical health of your heating and air conditioning system, don’t take chances, not when it is as easy as contacting Handyman Headquarters.

When you click on http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/ you will find an extensive national data base of the most trust worthy, experienced, and professional home improvement contractors available to help you along with any home improvement maintenance project or repair.

Even better, locate a home improvement Contractor who serves your neighborhood community.  Find yourself a Contractor familiar with the seasonal conditions and energy needs of your area, check out http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ .  Here you will also find expert advice, and creative suggestions for many home improvement remodeling ideas.  So why not beautify your home, increase your home’s equity, all while making a modest investment!  Handyman Headquarters is here to help!

Another great way to improve your savings account and lower your energy bills is to examine the weather stripping around your doors, and check the condition of your windows.

Weather stripping is available in various materials, dimensions, and methods of attachment.  Readily available at your local hardware, or home improvement store, Weather stripping is an inexpensive, easy to install remedy for blocking the loss of air flow, heat, and cooling in your home.

Windows can be better enhanced with perimeter caulking around casings and sills, stopping unwanted air flow, saving energy loss.  Additionally the installation of decorative blinds, curtains, or drapes will add another layer of thermal protection to your home.

But what do you do with windows that are just worn out, and difficult to open and close?  Have you considered replacement windows?  If your home’s windows are wooden, single pane, and difficult to operate, now might be the right time to get your Handyman Headquarters window replacement Contractor over to provide you with an estimate!

Removing older windows and replacing them with new, thermal dual pane, energy efficient windows can be completed is as little as a day!

Why wait for another shocking energy bill to arrive in the mail!  Click http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and solve those energy cost problems today!




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