Feb 21

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are an amazing place to dine, entertain, and impress your friends, family and neighbors. At its most basic, an outdoor kitchen is a place to cook and eat your food, but at its most lavish, it can be a freestanding kitchen complete with a built-in grill, wood-fired oven and all the major appliances. Of course, there are a multitude of outdoor kitchens that fall somewhere in between on the spectrum of outdoor living spaces. Installing your outdoor kitchen does take some thinking and planning, but when it is complete you will reap the fruits of your labor with many years of good conversation with good friends.

What about your needs?

What exactly does your outdoor kitchen need to have in it? In addition to having a place where you can cook your food, such as a grill (built-in or not), it would also be wise to think about keeping things cold with a refrigerator. You will also require some counters for food prep and serving. Finally, remember to also include some seating space, so your guests will have someplace to hang out and linger over that last glass of wine.

What about the weather?

Obviously if you are building an outdoor kitchen, making sure everything is made of materials that are durable, low-maintenance, and weather-proof is a must. Your outdoor kitchen will be open to all the elements, so choosing materials such as stone, concrete and stainless steel are going to help you maintain the beauty of your kitchen for much longer.

What about utilities?

Making sure that you have ample access to running water and heat to cook with is another must. Adding an additional gas or water line is going to make the price of your kitchen increase considerably, but to some it might be worth it. For others, you can avoid this cost by using propane or charcoal to cook with and forgoing the water line. If you decide to go for the extra line, be careful with digging to avoid cutting an existing line.

What about lighting?

You don’t want to stop the party just because the sun went down, do you? Nope, I didn’t think so. Be sure to plan for sunset and beyond when thinking of your outdoor kitchen by including lights. While we are planning for utilities, consider also installing a fireplace or propane heater to make those chilly fall nights a little cozier.

What about the location?

Location, location, location. Consider how your outdoor kitchen will impact the look of your yard or garden. Think about how close you are going to be to your neighbor’s house in terms of noise and lights. Decide how close you want your outdoor kitchen to be to your indoor one and don’t forget to think about details such as where to place your grill or fireplace so that the smoke doesn’t blow directly into your house.

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