Apr 28

Not Your Ordinary Garden Shed

With summer just around the corner, and spring cleaning around your home and garden in full swing, you’re probably wondering how you accumulated so many lawn and garden tools, and where you can possibly keep them! Have you considered installing a custom designed garden shed to meet your need for storage?  Perhaps this season will be the right time to liberate your garage from all your lawn and garden tool clutter and get organized!

Garden sheds are available in a number of different ways.  You can have a fully manufactured unit delivered and placed on a simple foundation pad in your yard.  Or, if your handy you can purchase a ‘ready to assemble’ kit system.  But if you want the pride of owning a beautiful structure, designed to your specifications, and made to match the architectural style of your home; there is only one ‘best’ source.

Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ will connect you with the right professional.  At Handyman Headquarters you will find local, highly skilled Contractors who are familiar with your community, and the architectural styles of your neighborhood.  You need a contractor that knows just what type of structure is best for your storage needs.  Also, your Handyman Headquarters Contractor will be able to work with you through the design, permitting, and construction process.

A garden shed that is custom built and designed to complement your home will add the full benefit of proper tool and landscape material storage, while adding real equity to your home.

You can energize your new shed with a direct ‘hard wire’ electrical source, or get creative and ‘Green’ with a solar panel on the roof!  Once powered up your shed can also serve as a workshop get-a-way.  So much more than an ordinary potting shed, your custom storage shed will provide you with everything you need, just the way you want it, because you teamed up with Handyman Headquarters to make it happen.

Add a gable roof, with a decorative fascia ornament; perhaps go with a ‘ginger bread’ Victorian look. You can have everything from a rustic barn style door, to elegant French doors.  Shuttered windows, with flower boxes, or divided glass panes creating a country cottage look. Place a mini front porch, or wrap around deck with a tastefully designed handrail to create a special place to display your best potted plants.

Inside your shed you can have work space with fold-away table tops, fixed shelving, and closed door cabinets.

Add a skylight, with a ceiling vent so you can modify the interior temperature if you want to grow seedlings.

Finish off the exterior with wooden siding, or shingles for a rustic feel, and add a ramp to the entrance for those heavy pieces of machinery like mowers.  Surround the base with crushed stone, or plantings and you have a true showcase for your ‘not so ordinary’ garden shed!

So for the best service, design and construction consultation you can always count on Handyman Headquarters for getting the job done right!

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