Aug 26

Handy Men Wanted: 5 Jobs to Get You Outside and Working With Your Hands

When you’re tired of the office grind, put on a pair of work boots and get outside. Working a job that requires stamina and dexterity is a great way to stay in shape and pay the bills. Take a look at a few outside jobs that will keep you moving mentally and physically all day long:

Handy Men Wanted- 5 Jobs to Get You Outside and Working With Your Hands


Whether it’s commercial or residential work, you’ll spend most of your time outside while working in construction. Jobs range from framing the structure of buildings to laying cement. Construction workers carry heavy materials and tools all day long. After a few weeks, you’ll start to see more muscle definition and stamina.


If you like big machines and even bigger landscapes, try your hand at farming. To work the land, you need to be a morning person. Farmers get up early and spend the whole day working the fields, feeding animals and maintaining equipment. And, you’ll have a legitimate reason to buy a pair of boots and a cowboy hat.

Commercial Roofing

Laboring all day in the sun, high on a roof, isn’t for everyone, but it’s a well paying job for those who can handle it. One day you might be removing and installing new shingles while, on another, you could be carrying a bucket of hot tar onto a commercial building. It’s hot work, but you’ll have great legs from climbing all day. And, you can’t beat the views.


Mowing, digging and planting are some of the tasks you’ll be performing as a landscaper. Landscapers keep commercial and residential properties looking their best. Like construction, you’ll be carrying heavy supplies throughout the day. Depending on your position, you may spend time driving a skid-steer loader or excavator. If you can work fast and like playing in the dirt, give landscaping a try.


Pulling oil out of the ground is a tough job. Roughnecks are the men who work on oil rigs. You need thick skin, dexterity and physical strength to succeed in this high paying job. Oil rigs are loud, dirty and dangerous, workers have to be able to work quickly and get along with coworkers while being mindful about safety.

Whether you choose commercial roofing or farming, these outdoor jobs require more than physical strength. You also need to be a good problem solver. At the end of the day, working with your hands will give you a strong body and a great sense of accomplishment.

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