Oct 09

Five Things You Can Do Now For a Greener Lawn Next Year

Five Things You Can Do Now For a Greener Lawn Next YearTo have a lawn that is the envy of your neighbors takes dedicated effort. You need to fertilize, give regular maintenance, mow properly and take care of any problems when they arise. Here are five things you can start doing now to improve your lawn.


1. Aerating

Aerating is the process that allows air to circulate at the roots of your lawn. Doing it once a year is one of the best things you can do because it promotes healthy root growth. It is not a difficult job if you use a commercial aerator that will punch small holes in your lawn. The signs that your lawn needs aerating are:


• Places where water puddles

• Water runs off the lawn too quickly

• Dry spots that never hold water


2. Mowing

Mowing improves the quality of grass. Experts recommend that the lawn is kept long, about three inches, and mowed more often rather than mowed as short as possible. Taller grass also has the advantage of shading out weed seeds.


3. Fertilizing

Fertilizer strengthens roots and promotes growth which also prevents weeds. There are organic and synthetic lawn fertilizers, and they both have benefits. The nutrients in organic fertilizer are released at a slower pace than synthetic fertilizer and don’t give immediate results. However, in the long run, it improves the overall quality of the lawn and reduces the amount of times it needs to be applied. Synthetic fertilizers have quick-release nutrients that are used quickly. What is not absorbed runs off and could pollute water sources.


4. Maintenance

Bare spots don’t look good on any lawn. They can be treated with sod, which gives quick results if it blends well with the rest of the lawn. For smaller areas, seeding is recommended. The soil can be stirred up, the seeds mixed with a little compost and spread on the area, and the spot can be smoothed with the back of a rake. The area should be kept evenly moist. The bare spot could be turned into a flower bed. This will remove the ugly bare spot and give another landscaping feature to the yard.


5. Weeding

Dandelions have roots that last through the winter, so the plant can grow the next spring. Even though it takes time and energy, the best way to get rid of dandelions is to remove the whole root.


A little timely care can make a big difference to the appearance of your lawn, both this year and the next.

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