Jul 15

Five Best Paid Jobs in Real Estate

Five Best Paid Jobs in Real EstateThe real estate market finally rebounding from its catastrophic collapse of 2008, many people are looking to enter the real estate field with the hopes of high wages and a challenging career. There are many careers in real estate for people with all types of interests.

Real Estate Agents

The vast majority of people who enter the real estate field do so to become real estate agents. Real estate agents represent either the seller or buyer during a home transaction. They must be sociable, organized, and highly motivated in order to make a living in the field. Real estate agents are typically paid on commission, so they are only paid when a home sells – so it is a career best for a tech savvy entrepreneur. The Express real estate school can help real estate agents learn the tools of the trade so they can stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Property Managers

A property manager is the interface between a company or property owner and the tenants who occupy apartments or rented homes. Apartment managers are responsible for everything from marketing to rent collection, and they must known the intricacies of their states’ tenant law to prevent misunderstandings and litigation. Property managers are usually paid on a salaried basis, and often they are granted free housing as part of their compensation package.

Real Estate Photographers

Just because someone has a camera does not make them a photographer, and nowhere is this more clear than browsing the blurry and poorly lit photos on most internet listings. Real estate photographers normally work for a single real estate agency, although many work as freelancers and contract out to individuals who are listing their own homes. While real estate photography requires a substantial investment in equipment, it can be highly profitable for someone with an eye for detail and perspective.

Home Stagers

Before a home goes on the market, many people hire a home stager to prepare their home for sale. Stagers will clean a home thoroughly, moving in generic furnishings so visitors can picture themselves living in the home. Stagers are typically interior designers or people with experience in fashion and aesthetics, and they are usually in high demand once they have referrals.

Real Estate Attorney

Every single real estate transaction in the United States requires an attorney’s involvement in some way. Becoming a real estate attorney requires a law degree and bar passage, but it sets up a lawyer for a nearly infinite caseload of real estate closings and disputes.

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