Aug 16

Boring Room? Three Things That Will Give It Style

Boring Room Three Things that Will Give it StyleIf you have a room in your home that has become just a bit too familiar and could benefit from a makeover, don’t despair. You don’t have to spend a fortune replacing furniture, carpeting and other furnishings just to liven things up. There are quick fixes and more modest but effective renovations that will give that unexciting area a new lease on life – and style.

Work with the Walls

New paint and wallpaper are sure bets to refresh the look of a tired room, but if you don’t want to go that far, there are many ways to add interest to walls. While traditional framed art can provide focal points, you might consider other options. A group of coordinating fabric panels can make an effective statement. The same goes for a collection of mirrors of varying sizes and shapes, and mirrors also add light and dimension, especially to a smaller room. A textile wall hanging offers many possibilities, whether an ethnic design, an antique quilt or other interesting composition.

Color for the Couch

You don’t have to get rid of that comfortable couch you love – or the chair, loveseat or any other furniture that serves its purpose – just to spruce things up. Make use of colorful throw pillows in contrasting but compatible colors and designs. You can also go larger with floor-size cushions for casual relaxation in front of the fireplace or entertainment center. Pillows provide comfort, color and textural interest to the room, and removable covers can easily be changed with the seasons and holidays for a variety of themes.

Bring the Outside In – and Vice Versa

Updating or adding windows or doors to a ho-hum decor opens up a whole new world – literally – of exciting dimensions. Light and fresh air are just two welcome benefits to having a room with a view, and the vast array of window styles available offers something for every purpose and taste. Enhance access to your patio, deck or lawn area with sliding patio doors, and your so-so room will suddenly become a portal for a range of fun outdoor activities.

Any of these options will go far in bringing a boring room to life. You can use your imagination and get the whole family involved in finding ways to liven up living space using colors, textures and eye-catching decor. And don’t forget to make the outdoor environment your renovation partner through effective use of windows and doors.

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