Sep 10

Accents and Upgrades! Crown Molding

Even in a sluggish housing market, investing in a home improvement project such as adding interior accents, or upgrading your kitchen and bath continues to be the best investment, with the best return available.  Additionally, home improvement projects allow you to personally enjoy the investment. So while you select recipes in your newly remodeled kitchen, or entertain in your newly painted family room, your home is gaining in both equity and value.

In this article we will explore some simple home improvement projects that have a big and beautiful impact on your home, with little impact on your bank account!

One great addition to any living space is Crown Molding.

Crown Moldings are available in dozens of patterns, and dimensions.  Made from many materials including plaster, wood, and plastics, all offer simple methods of installation, and are available at most do-it-yourself home centers.

Installing Crown Moldings creates an instant architectural definition between the walls and ceiling, drawing attention to the overall size of a room, often giving an illusion of greater height to a ceiling.  This architectural definition will allow you to consider differing colors for the walls and ceiling, coloring the Crown Molding so as to highlight the room makes for a very impressive, classy designer look.

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to break the bank!  Cabinets of all sizes, architectural designs, finishes, and material types are available a great prices for every budget.  Home improvement centers are a good resource for less expensive, but still very impressive kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Removing an old cabinet and replacing it with a new one is a simple do-it -yourself project.  Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be made even easier if you go to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and select a qualified, local Remodeling Contractor.  Check it out today and see how little investment is required to create a big return on new kitchen and bathroom cabinet installations.

How about installing new counter tops?  Granite, Marble, Laminate, and Ceramic tile are all good options to consider.  New counter tops, and a fresh coat of paint makes for an instant decorating make-over for any kitchen and bath.

While we’re at it, how about switching out those old worn out fixtures for new?  Consider replacing your old bathtub with a new Jacuzzi tub!  Shower stalls, sinks, and toilets are quick and easy one day projects that add value, and beautify your home.

Hardwood or Ceramic tile flooring is a great addition to any family room or den.  Surprisingly, the cost to re-do one or two rooms of your home is very affordable, and with professional help can be completed in as little as a single day.

There are many types of Laminate flooring designed for the home owner to directly install without the need for special tools, easy and inexpensive, always an excellent choice for improving the look of children’s play areas, basements workshops and activity rooms.

Painting as a make-over for your home interiors is always a sure investment, especially when you introduce specialty faux finishing techniques as an accent to living areas and hallways.  Handyman Headquarters is a great place to find skilled Artisan Painters and Contractors for unique faux finishes, murals, and other specialty designer painting ideas.

As a matter of fact, Handyman Headquarters is a great place to get professional advice for the best, most experienced Contractors in your area for any number of home improvement projects.

If you are looking for a professional contractor to help you with your project check out http://www.mylaborjob.com/find. It’s always free to use and you can find trusted local contractors for any kind of project.

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