Nov 20

Where to Find a Job With Your Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal arts degrees are very attractive to many students because they provide a broad education that covers many interesting topics. Graduates with a liberal arts degree are not as specialized in any single industry as people with narrow majors, and this can make finding a job difficult. But do not fear, because Liberal arts degrees can make several careers available to graduates, in many cases more options than they thought possible.

Where to Find a Job With Your Liberal Arts Degree


A graduate with a liberal arts degree has many of the skills necessary to be successful in a sales position. This especially true if the degree has a concentration related to the products such as economics, biology or other sciences. Graduates can enter into medical device sales or insurance sales. Sales careers provide a large amount of flexibility. They can also pay very well when commissions or bonuses are considered.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor

Graduates who learned a foreign language while pursuing a degree can become an ESL instructor. ESL instructors teach English to people who speak another first language. ESL instructors are in very high demand throughout the country. Some positions involve traveling to and living in another country while teaching. This can be an exciting career for someone who speaks an additional language.


Social Service Manager

Graduates who have a degree with some administration or psychology focus can become a social service manager. These people work within a social service setting as an administrator. The manager directs daily operations and leads other employees like social workers. A social service manager can make a difference in the community while applying a wide range of skills every day.



Many people who have earned a liberal arts degree with a concentration in history go into research fields across various industries. NU online history degrees qualify a graduate to perform detailed research, assemble reports, and make critical assessments of historical data. These researches are appearing in political think tanks, non-profit organizations, insurance firms, and even museums. Research jobs can pay very well depending on the organization and industry.



Almost all liberal arts majors have excellent English and communication skills as well as training in other creative fields. This can qualify a creative graduate for a career in advertising. Advertising careers can involve designing print ads, copywriting, and working directly with clients. Although it takes some time to gain enough experience for advancement, advertising careers can be rewarding.


Employers are increasingly realizing the value of a liberal arts degree across multiple industries. The communications, analytical and complex problem solving skills of graduates are very useful in fields like finance, technology and management. A liberal arts degree can open up many different job opportunities today.

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