Jun 07

Top Three Jobs in the Energy Industry

Top Three Jobs in the Energy IndustryRecently, economy experts have come to agree on one thing: If you want a job, it might be a good idea for you to look into the energy industry. True, it might take you some time to go back to school and get training, but you do not need an advanced degree to work in the energy industry. Usually all you need is an associate’s degree, which can take as little as a year and a half. After this, you can work at great companies such as Allied Heat Transfer. The following jobs in the energy industry are currently booming, and it might be a great place for you to look for your next job.

Natural Gas

There has been an explosion in natural gas drilling and exploration in recent years due to advances in technology that now let us reach huge reserves. In Texas for example, huge reserves of natural gas deposits were discovered embedded in shale, and within a short period of time, an enormous amount of jobs in that specific field opened up. You don’t have to be an engineer to work in the natural gas industry. With drilling and exploration you need laboratory scientists, truck drivers, rig builders and even computer technicians. Your dream job could be found within any one of these areas.

Crude Oil

Today, most of what powers our economy is fuel that comes from crude oil. Therefore, it is common sense for there to be many jobs in this field. Most enticing of all is that jobs in the oil industry pay extremely well. For example, an average worker in oil extraction can earn a very good living. This is very hard work, however, and every penny is earned. If you are looking for excitement and a departure from the usual routine, then a job in the oil extraction and exploration industry might be for you.

Renewable Energy

It is a fact that we all have to face: Crude oil and natural gas will eventually run out, and we have to start planning for the future of the nation and the world. This is why wind and solar energy are witnessing a boom in certain areas of the country. Certain technical schools are now offering solar panel technician and wind turbine technician degrees. In only the past 5 years, Deep South Texas has seen a very expansive wind farm built on the coast which has created hundreds of jobs in the area. As technology in this field develops, you can be sure that more professionals will be needed to fill in the gaps.

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