Sep 12

How to Build a Safe Office for Your Employees

Creating a Safe Office Environment

It is important to take precautionary measures so your employees are protected in the work place. Reducing the likelihood of injuries on the job is simple in an office environment. One of the largest threats is loose cords and wires that present trip hazards. Computers, fax machines and printers are necessary in the office, but electrical cords can cause trips and falls. An employee falling over a cord could become injured or damage equipment. This danger can be mitigated by purchasing cable and wire management hardware. Securing the wires to the floor and placing a flat plastic cover over the top can also reduce the risk of tripping.How to Build a Safe Office for Your Employees

Regulating Who Enters the Building

Another issue for employers and employees is safeguarding who enters the office. A great way to increase security at the office is to purchase employee badges. These clearly identify employees to one another. This can be particularly helpful if you own a large office with different departments where employees may not be familiar with one another. To further increase security, badges that contain chips could be used for employees to scan when entering the building. This eliminates the worry of keys getting lost or into the wrong hands.

Using Security Cameras

Purchasing a security with video system can add another layer of protection. When no one is in the office during the evening and night hours, you can be rest assured your business is safe. Being monitored also reduces the fact that anyone would act in an unprofessional manner. Studies have shown that people behave better when they know they are being recorded. This can reduce the incidence of theft or harassment in the office. It can also document an incidence as evidence if something were to occur.

Practicing Good Hygiene

Clean restrooms can reduce the spread of disease. Having the restrooms in your office building regularly cleaned can help minimize employee absence due to illness. This is especially true during the flu season. Designating one person to check the bathrooms at least one a day is an excellent plan to combat germs. This employee should be responsible for ensuring there is an adequate amount of soap and paper towels in the restroom. If they find anything is low it should be replenished. Posting hand washing posters to remind employees to wash after using the restroom is another valuable suggestion. Keeping employees safe and healthy can be accomplished by taking a few extra steps.

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