Jun 12

Five Unexpected Careers That Make Big Bucks

Five Unexpected Careers That Make Big BucksEveryone is naturally equipped with a specific talent in which they enjoy and are good at doing. Unfortunately, these gifts are often utilized as hobbies. Many find it difficult to make a living doing what they love. However, there are five unexpected careers that make big bucks.


1. Helping the Community


Many people have the desire to make a difference and help others within their community. While there are plenty of community service opportunities they can take part in, they can also make a considerable income through their outreach.


Firefighters assist in a number of ways. From rescuing animals from trees and assisting with severe weather-related issues to accomplishing acts of true heroism as was displayed on September 11, there is rarely a dull moment. Best of all, those who obtain a fire science bachelors degree can do all of these things and more while making up to $100,000 annually.


2. Paralegal


Those who have dreamed of working in the legal field but did not want to go through passing the bar exam can make a great living in the field as a paralegal. Certificate programs can be earned in as little as months, and salaries can be as high as $75,000.


3. Registered Nurse


Careers in health care are in high demand, and those who receive an education in nursing have a great chance of landing a long-lasting career. Most colleges boast high graduation rates, and jobs can be obtained nearly anywhere. Best of all, nursing offers a high level of diversity, and registered nurses can choose to work in a variety of office settings. Pay fluctuates, but nurses can make up to $96,000 annually.


4. Dental Hygienist


Another respectable career choice that involves minimal training is dental hygiene. With an associates degree, those pursuing this field learn to use a variety of powered tools and are rewarded by delivering patients with a beautiful smile they can be proud to show the world. Salaries vary by state and can be anywhere from $46,000 to a whopping $96,000.


5. X-Ray Technician


X-ray technicians are often overlooked in the medical environment; however, their skills are crucial in the diagnosis of a plethora of medical anomalies. They make life-saving detections by notifying doctors of circumstances that require emergency medical attention. Like the dental hygienist, a simple associates degree can make this career possible and open the door to earn up to $40,000 yearly.

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