Jul 17

Five Tips For Word Of Mouth Advertising

Five Tips For Word Of Mouth AdvertisingA great way to drive sales and increase brand recognition is to advertise via word of mouth. When you can get people talking about your products, it increases the reach of your brand without having to spend a single dollar to do so. What are some good strategies that can help drive word of mouth advertising?


1) Showcase Your Products Whenever Possible


The best way to get people to talk about products is to let people see them in action. If you have a line of makeup, send models into the streets wearing your makeup. As long as the product is considered useful, people will tell their friends, family members and others about the awesome beauty product that they just saw.


2) Give Out Free Samples


The only thing better than seeing a product is being able to use it yourself. When customers are able to put on the eyeliner or the mascara, they will be able to text pictures, create Facebook updates or generally start conversations with their friends about how nice they look.


3) Let Customers Host Events


It is imperative that you give your customers a platform to share their experience with your product. The best way to do this is allow customers to act as brand ambassadors. Let them host parties, hold online events and take other actions that will allow them to inform others about this great product that they use everyday. Additionally, you can use a service such as Open Tell Reviews to allow customers to provide feedback about their experiences.


4) Inform Your Customers


Consumers are always looking for good deals for themselves and for others. If you are holding a sale on a particular product, let everyone on your mailing list know. In turn, those on your mailing list will send emails to their friends and others who may want to know about the special on your site or in your stores.


5) Give The People Something To Talk About


People love to talk about a new product, an innovative idea or anything bold that your company is doing. By going outside of the mainstream, you give your followers something to tell others about.



Word of mouth advertising can be an effective way to increase sales and profits for your company. When done correctly, you have executed a marketing strategy that increases brand awareness and engagement while keeping the costs related to your plan as low as possible.

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