Apr 11

Five Steps for When an Employee Gets Injured at Work

Workplace Injury

Work injuries can be avoided with proper training, equipment and a clean work area, but sometimes things go wrong and someone gets hurt. It is very important, both for the employee and the company that the correct procedure is followed after a work-related injury. Here are the five things employee should do when injured at work.

1. Tell the Supervisor

This is the very first thing an employee should do. Report the incident immediately. If the employee needs to leave the building to get medical treatment, they may do so after telling their supervisor, but should never wait to tell somebody about an on-the-job injury. Even if it’s not serious and they don’t need immediate treatment right away, the supervisor needs to know it happened.

2. Document What Happened

The supervisor should have injury or accident forms for the employee to fill out. They should provide all the information the employee needs, such as the date and time of the injury, the details of how it happened, and whether anyone else saw it happen. This information is essential for workers compensation.

3. Contact Workers Comp

The supervisor should get the ball rolling on this for the employee, but if they aren’t providing the information an employee needs, they should feel free to ask them who to contact. Generally the employer themselves will contact the workers comp hotline, and the case manager will make contact with employee in a few days.

4. Get Medical Treatment

Once the supervisor has been notified, the employee can leave the building to receive treatment, but if the injury is not serious, they should stick around to fill out the necessary paperwork before heading to the emergency room. Employees should keep copies of any documents from the ER or doctor’s office, as these will help if the claim is denied.

5. Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Sometimes, the doctor may allow the employee to return to work right away with some extra restrictions, such as no heavy lifting or needing to remain seated. Tell the supervisor about any temporary medical restrictions so they can make accommodations as necessary while employee recover. This is another time when it might be useful to provide documentation from the doctor.

Information credited to The Law Office of Dr. Joseph L. Hoffman, P.C., Personal Injury Attorney Roswell, GA.

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