May 17

Five Reasons Why You are Still Unemployed

Five Reasons Why You are Still UnemployedIn today’s economy, it can be challenging to find any type of job let alone a career you truly desire. When you are unemployed, reflecting on your own work ethic and methods you are applying for open positions can help you to gain insight into why you may still be unemployed and how you can go about changing that. Getting hired into a new position can be intimidating, but it is possible with enough drive, determination and self-motivation.


Searching for the Ultimate Job


One issue for many who are unemployed is feeling as if you are “settling” for an open position instead of receiving the ultimate dream job you desire. Although it may not be your first option, taking a part or full-time job is often better than having no income source whatsoever. You may be required to start towards the bottom of a workplace even if you feel you have skills and qualifications to receive a higher-paying job. Understanding that you may need to make sacrifices with today’s economy is one way to help improve your chances of being hired.


Your Resume Needs Tweaking


Updating your resume with each position you are applying for is a key factor in being hired in for a new job. Be sure to rid standard objectives and workplace goals and instead, customize each header and objective to fit specific positions you are hoping to be offered.


Avoiding Your Passions


When you avoid your passions and the natural skills you have, you are essentially shutting out entire industries with available jobs that may appeal to you. Understanding your passions and seeking a career that allows you to involve your hobbies is a way to enjoy yourself while working each day so you never feel as if you are actually working.


Think Outside of the Box


You can also look into finding personal assistant jobs which do not require a degree and can allow you to work full-time if you have experience in a specific industry or line of work you are interested in. Finding jobs in other fields you are not familiar with will open new doors and more opportunities in the workforce.


Interview Blunders


Interview blunders happen, and can cause you to feel anxious, overwhelmed and entirely unprepared. Preparing for an interview with friends and family members prior to the actual phone or in-person interview you have for a position will allow you to feel confident and assured that you are ready to take on the job.

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