May 17

Bespoke Craftsmanship: Why Some Things Should Stay Hand-Made

bespoke craftsmanshipCustom works often demand higher price tags than the stuff that comes off of assembly lines, but are they actually worth the premium? To be honest, many items that are currently hand-made can be produced in a factory at a much lower cost, in a much shorter time frame, and at equal or greater quality. If the above is true, why do so many people insist on making things the old-fashioned way? There are some goods reasons for continuing to create stuff by hand, and here are some of the most convincing.


Hand-made items have character unlike production items


Production items are created in factories using molds and other precise machinery. These industrial tools are programmed to create items in mass quantity at the exact same specifications every single time. The end result is an object that looks identical to the one that came before it. These assembly line items may be easier, faster, and cheaper to make, but they sure don’t have any personality. Every hand-made item is different because it is humanly impossible to perfectly replicate something by hand–even when that is the goal. Depending on the materials used, one item will always be slightly different from the next in one way or another. Different creases, folds, and coloration can be seen between hand sewn journals by rustico, for example. When it comes to buying a suit, you can also find custom bespoke suits with hand-stitched button holes. Such differences can make hand-made items far more interesting to the buyer compared to production items.


Hand-made items often have higher value


Since hand-made items have more character and personality than mass produced items, they typically have far more sentimental value to the buyer. Many buyers specifically look for one-of-a-kind pieces to purchase because they value the history and uniqueness. For the maker of the item, hand-made pieces can bring in bigger bucks. These larger profits help to sustain living since hand-making is definitely a labor of love that can barely cover the basic expenses for many.


Hand-made items can be rare and mystifying


The true value in a hand-made item is the blood, sweat, and tears used to create it. People are fascinated by the histories of custom pieces, and they want to learn exactly what went into making them. Some hand-made marvels are so extravagant and amazing that people would rather view them in a museum than put a price tag on them. However, some individuals still shell out huge sums of money to acquire such rare pieces. Clearly, hand-made items can mean big business.



Hand-made items will always have a place in our hearts because they are so intriguing. They can serve as relics that tell a lost tale in history, a means of survival for some people, and collector’s pieces for others. Custom works can mean big business, and that’s one of the primary reasons they are still around.

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