Jul 23

5 Strategies to Increase Employee Loyalty and Motivation

Loyal and motivated employees are a dream for most managers and bosses. They want to see individuals who are committed to the discipline and engaged in the practice. What strategies can be used to build these qualities in employees?

5 Strategies to Build Employee Loyalty and Motivation

Creating Positive Energy

If you do not have positivity in the workplace, building loyalty and motivation is going to be a near impossible mission. While critiques are a necessary part of the workforce, you also need to remember to compliment employees when they are performing at an optimal level. It’s important to provide both positive and negative feedback to help them grow.

Establishing a Support System

Sometimes, employees are going to have questions. However, their sense of loyalty and motivation can fail if they do not have a person or department to whom to turn. For example, each team should absolutely have a leader, and these leaders need to be responsible for guiding the employees he or she supervises. The boss should also make it clear that he or she is willing to answer questions and concerns.

Appreciating Employees

While business is a major part of establishing loyalty and motivation, you also want to show that you care about your employees. For example, you should throw a Christmas party or an end-of-the-year party on an annual basis. You might want to get HALO beer mugs or coffee mugs filled with candy and other goodies for your employees. Wrapping it up or putting it in a gift bag with ribbons will increase the perceived value of your gift. These acts will show everyone that you have a fun side, and they can feel as though their colleagues are their family.

Showing The Competition

Quite a number of people are driven by the desire to be better. You do not want to pit employees against each other as doing so can create a number of other problems. Instead, let your workers know how the competition is doing and how that business’s scores or rankings could negatively affect yours. By driving the competition, you’re motivating employees to do their best.

Providing Benefit Packages

Employees also want to know that they are really getting something for all of their hard work, and providing full benefits is one of the ways to do that. On top of these benefits, you should also be giving your workers a nice amount of holidays, sick time and personal days. These little factors can really show that you appreciate them.


In the business world, quite a few different strategies existing for building loyalty and motivation, and these are just a few of them.

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