Oct 09

5 Friendly Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Companies PR

5 Friendly Marketing Teams That Will Increase Your Company's PR Public Relations firms are not exactly hard to come by. Thus, with so many to choose from, it can be tricky finding the right one that will leverage your marketing efforts and produce results that increase your bottom line. Fortunately, the research has been done for you. Listed below are some of the top PR and Marketing firms from around the globe. Most businesses will need to use some analytic program to track their PR and other information like (agile analytics) for business

1. Sachs Media

It’s not every day that you see a business make subtle gag by using a term like “shift happens” on its landing page. Sachs Media is certainly unique in that regards. Recipient of Bulldog’s PR Agency of the Year award in 2011, they have demonstrated excellence as one of the America’s leading communications companies, also specializing in digital communications, social media, and public affairs. They even provide verbal and visual branding services. Working with Sachs would give you the best of both worlds seeing how well the agency has positioned their former and current clients by utilizing methods that are integral to an successful marketing campaign.

2. Phillips & Company

Much like Sachs, Phillips & Company offers a variety of marketing and PR services. Their expertise is most geared towards the technology markets. Their company is a leading efficient marketing machine and has kept up with those ever-changing, constantly evolving industries. Having worked with major organizations like NASA, their company has a proven track record. Because of their line of work, though, they must commit to maintaining the confidentiality of their clientele since they handle sensitive information. For this reason, they can only showcase a few case studies they have backed, one of which was NASA’s Get Curious campaign.

3. Bateman Group

On the heels of Phillips & Company is this agency who has worked with some of the biggest names like IBM, Motorola and Google. They have successfully placed hits with large media outlets, CNBC and Mashable being among the few. A small business at its core, Bateman Group is passionate about working with others like them and delivering focused, individual service. Furthermore, they aim to keep their client base low so their employee retention rate can remain high. It’s quite a different approach, but considering the quality of work they do, Bateman has immense value to offer to start ups as well as to major corporations.

4. Edelman

Truly one of the largest Public Relations firms in the nation, Edelman has a broad range of experience serving multiple industries. From the food and beverage to the telecommunications sectors, they have delivered outstanding results for numerous clients. Edelman backs up their work with extensive research so you can be well assured that their understanding of your marketing needs will be thorough.

5. 451 Marketing

This group is distinctly one of the most down to earth. They probe into what makes brand communication effective and offer targeted networking strategies that build a brand’s reputability. They utilize a combination of the most trending and impactful marketing tactics, such as social media and internet marketing. This company is a triple threat and businesses looking to push new products to a broader audience would benefit immensely from 451 Marketing’s proposition.


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