Oct 22

Four Ways to Get Your Business Into Your Customers’ Homes

ID-100115931If you want your clients to choose your business over your competitors, it may not be enough to just present them with an occasional ad. You may want to get your business into the homes of your current and future customers so they can be reminded of your company on a daily basis. Then, next time they need your product or service, they will have your company’s information readily available and will give you a call. Here are four ways effectively get your business into your customers’ homes..


1. Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail marketing is a simple and effective way of getting your business into a potential client’s home. The key to using it effectively rests on two things: mailing your advertisement to the right client base and crafting a great direct mailer, which might require help from a professional company, such as 123 Postcards.


2. Free Promotional Items


Another great way to get your business into your customers’ homes is to give away or send them free promotional items with your company logo on them. For example, toothbrushes with company logos on them provide great advertising for dentists. When people start thinking about their dental needs while brushing their teeth, they will already have company information in hand. Pens with company logos will also provide great advertising for any business.


3. Coupons


Coupons are a great way to get your business into your customers’ homes. Many people place high-value coupons they think they might use on the fridge, where they will be easy to see and utilize before they expire. The problem is that using coupons too often will cause people to ignore them because they know the next deal is right around the corner. Using them with just the right frequency will drive people in for a good deal.


4. Free Samples


If you really want to get your business into your customers’ homes in a way that will increase your sales, consider sending your clients free samples of your product or a free demonstration of your service. When people see for themselves how wonderful your product or service is, they will want to use your company again and again.


The goal of your company’s marketing plan should not just be to present existing and future customers with an advertisement or two. It should be to integrate yourself into their lives in a way that they will buy your product or service again and again. Getting your business into your customers’ homes is the first step in this process.

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