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May 10

15 Natural Methods to Control your Home Temperature

15 Natural Methods to Control your Home Temperature A large portion of your monthly budget is often dedicated to paying an electricity bill that comes as a result of heating and cooling your home. In the summer months, when the temperature skyrockets, you are left with a bill that reflects what it takes to keep …

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Dec 18

Elegance On A Budget

Small home improvements, although modest on the budget, can often make a big difference in the quality of your home’s environment, and actually increase the value and equity of your home. Sadly, many older homes today are still void of proper bathroom ventilation, heating and lighting. Have you ever experienced getting out of the shower …

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Aug 07

Brick and Stone Pathways and Patios DIY

Should you decide to install a brick or stone patio/pathway yourself, this article will discuss some simple methods of installation that are easy on you hands, and budget! Basic materials you will need: 1)      Adequate stone or brick to cover the desired area, plus 5% more for extra measure. 2)      Bedding material (sand, crushed stone) …

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Aug 06

Brick and Stone Pathways and Patios choose the right material

A beautiful, enduring enhancement to your backyard or entryway landscape is the use of brick or stone. Patios and pathways made from brick and stone are an architectural asset, and will beautify, while adding value to your property. When selecting materials, and the method of installation there are a few considerations.  In this article (part …

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Apr 04

Outdoor Living!

With warmer weather on the way, the outdoor patio beckons as thoughts of lazy weekends, family time, and barbecue season fast approaches! Backyard barbecues have come a long way over the years, from the standard outdoor kettle design to stainless steel grills and smokers.  Outdoor systems now include side sinks, preparation area, beverage coolers, and …

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Feb 12

Mylaborjob Gets a Mobile Makeover

New Layout makes finding the Best Home Improvement Contractors even easier. Slim layout Handheld friendly Easier Click through your selection Fast results Check it out at http://www.mylaborjob.com Search Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago Win $25 for providing your feedback Find handyman, remodeler, home additions, flooring, home improvment experts Try It!  http://www.mylaborjob.com   Tweet This …

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