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Aug 25

Earthquake Preparedness Makes Sense Disaster Beware

The recent events in Japan illustrate how even adequate forethought and cautious preparedness may be no match for a natural disaster.  Yet, consider the adage ”Better safe than sorry.”   Let this remind us that we are better off when we are prepared for a catastrophic event, than not. Different sections of the country are familiar …

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Aug 14

Common Household Repairs Loose Hinges and Candle Wax

In this article (part one of a two part series) we will discuss the simplest way to repair the common household problem of loose hinges on doors and cabinetry. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are notorious for failing hinge attachment.  After much repetitive use, often the cabinet hinge will wear loose causing the door to sag, …

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Aug 09

Seeking Handyman for residential and commercial Jobs all US cities

My Labor Job is seeking professional Handyman and handyman service providers for residential and commercial customers. Sign up today for Free. We are currently accepting providers in all cities throughout the United States.

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May 15

Nationwide home improvement directory Now in your city

Mylaborjob announces national coverage for its home improvement directory listing. With the latest features introduced at mylaborjob.com the service is now available to all cities in the United States. The service has been enhanced with a zip code search feature that provides regional results in a fast and friendly fashion. The layout is designed to …

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Apr 24

Preventive Medicine for Your Home.

It may sound silly, but it actually makes a lot of sense.  If you make a modest investment in preventive maintenance for your home, you may potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs later on. Are you aware that the single most destructive cause to your roof is poor ventilation?  Roofing materials such as asphalt …

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Mar 31

Spring Cleaning Time!

How many seasons will you lug out that old, tired, rickety ladder out from the garage, and risk you safety climbing up to the roof to clean out your rain gutters?  Perhaps this is the season to improve your rain gutter system with a safe, affordable leaf catching system, gutter topper, or debris catch.  Leave …

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Mar 09

Home Maintenance Saves $$$!

With Spring around the corner, this is the time to take care of a few home maintenance projects and save yourself some unforeseen, unwanted repair bills! Typically this is the time of year you drag out the old ladder from the shed, and spend the better part of your day off cleaning the gutters, washing …

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