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Nov 15

Best Modern Kitchens from Mylaborjob.com

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? Check out these great new modern kitchens. Having an updated kitchen is one of the best things you can do to increase your home value. Take a look at some of these awesome kitchen remodels and think of the great things you can do with your awesome new …

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Apr 09

3 Key Steps to Remodel a Kitchen

Updating a kitchen and making a few remodeling changes to the space is an important part of getting the most out of your home. A kitchen is a place where friends and family gather and enjoy making meals together. Having an up-to-date kitchen that looks amazing starts by simply making a few changes to the …

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Aug 15

Common Household Repairs DIY

In this article we will discuss the simplest method for the repair of binding, twisting, troublesome drawers, and windows. How often have you struggled with a kitchen or bathroom drawer that just won’t work properly?  This can be frustrating, but there are simple explanations for the problem, and equally simple ways to make repair. For …

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Aug 14

Common Household Repairs Loose Hinges and Candle Wax

In this article (part one of a two part series) we will discuss the simplest way to repair the common household problem of loose hinges on doors and cabinetry. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are notorious for failing hinge attachment.  After much repetitive use, often the cabinet hinge will wear loose causing the door to sag, …

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Jul 26

Creative Faux Finishing color application

Now that we have discussed how to create texture on wooden furnishings in Part one of Creative Faux Finishing; we can address the various ways to place color on an object, creating a unique, and believable  Antique effect. In this article we will discuss the following methods of color application: 1)      Antique color ‘rub-out.’ 2)      …

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Jul 16

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets refinishing methods

This is part two a four part series covering the following: 1)     Existing cabinet materials 2)      Method of refinishing 3)      Selecting a Contractor 4)     Doing the work yourself   There are many methods of refinishing to be considered when refinishing kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  In this article we will explore the …

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Jul 15

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Refinishing get started

Maple cabinets

This is part one of a four part series covering the following: 1)      Existing cabinet materials 2)      Method of refinishing 3)      Selecting a Contractor 4)      Doing the work yourself   When refinishing kitchen or bathroom cabinets it is important to understand the type of materials the cabinets are built from.  The …

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May 24

Kitchens Un-Cluttered!

For those of us that love to entertain, preparing great meals for family and friends; a well organized, uncluttered kitchen allows us to keep our sanity amid the heat of the stove, bleep of the microwave, and the unforeseen distractions of curious children, hungry guests, demanding pets, and telephone solicitors! Well, maybe it’s not that …

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