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Jun 20

The Nuts And Bolts Of 5 Careers In The Automotive Industry To Consider

A career in the automotive industry can be rewarding, fun, and profitable. Ambitious individuals can attain substantial earnings and learn the invaluable skills of maintaining and operating automobiles. For those considering an automotive career, this article will explain the nuts and bolts of jobs in the industry. 1. Auto Body Professional Each year, millions of …

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May 21

The Six Most Common Workplace Injuries Every Business Should Be Aware Of

On the job injuries are more common than you might think. Statistics show that in America, 3.3 million people on average a year suffer an injury at work that they may never fully recover from. In most cases, these are preventable if we pay close attention to the warning signs and educate our staff on …

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Apr 15

Can’t Land a Job? 5 Reasons Why You Might Not be Passing Your Background Check

Have you ever nailed a job interview only to later find you did not pass your background check? If you are not completely honest about your background upfront, an employer may see your deceit as a red flag. Perhaps you have been honest on your applications and with your resume, but you still haven’t been …

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Apr 14

6 Great Paying Jobs No One Has Told You About

Everyone knows that doctors and lawyers make a ton of money, but what if you do not want to spend the next several years in school or incur hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt? There are still plenty of great paying jobs out there, many of which the average person can pursue …

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Apr 02

Getting Involved In Construction: 5 Skills To Bring To The Table

Being a construction worker isn’t as simple as showing up to the job site, nailing a few boards together and then calling it a day. Construction workers must possess a certain set of skills and abilities if they want to excel, and employers look for candidates with these skills when they need to hire. 1. …

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Mar 18

Like Working With Your Hands? 6 Careers To Consider

Employment experts agree that for long-term job satisfaction workers should pursue careers that suit their personalities and skills. And in this every growing technology age many of those you take enjoyment from working with think there are less avenues for them to make a career. But that couldn’t be more far from the truth. So …

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Nov 20

Where to Find a Job With Your Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal arts degrees are very attractive to many students because they provide a broad education that covers many interesting topics. Graduates with a liberal arts degree are not as specialized in any single industry as people with narrow majors, and this can make finding a job difficult. But do not fear, because Liberal arts degrees …

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Sep 26

Looking For A Career In Cars? 5 Good Paying Options

If you’re an automobile enthusiast, what better career is there than one that concerns cars? If you’ve been considering launching a career in cars, here are five great options that you might consider. Automotive Technician Technicians get to dive into the nitty gritty details of car maintenance, meaning that you’ll become well-versed in the inner …

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Aug 26

Handy Men Wanted: 5 Jobs to Get You Outside and Working With Your Hands

When you’re tired of the office grind, put on a pair of work boots and get outside. Working a job that requires stamina and dexterity is a great way to stay in shape and pay the bills. Take a look at a few outside jobs that will keep you moving mentally and physically all day …

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Aug 19

Car Guys: 5 Tools You Can Use to Help You be More Efficient in Your Shop

Many shop tools for tires are available in stores. The best tools, such as a tire calculator, can increase project efficiency. Tire Pressure Value Keeping the correct tire pressure is just as important as a car tune-up. The benefits may also be better due to economy reasons. The tires last longer, the car saves fuel, …

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