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Oct 14

myLaborJOB.com trusted contractors worth a look

Finding a contractor you can trust is always a challenge. Everyone says they are the best but how do you really know if you can rely on them. They say the best way to find a contractor you can trust is to get a referral from existing customers.  At myLaborJOB.com we think that is a …

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Sep 17

Carpet cleaning – 3 problems you may encounter in the process

It is good and captivating when you have your carpet shining all the time. If you have a carpet which is dirty, your visitors may not get the right picture that you want them to carry by the time they are leaving your house. The following are some of the problems that you may encounter …

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Aug 28

Trouble Free Ways of Fixing a Broken Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tiles are one of the highest quality and durable flooring products that you will find in the building and construction industry. The materials that make up a ceramic tile are derived from natural materials. This is quite unlike flooring products such as carpets and vinyl, whose materials are synthetic substitutes for the purpose of …

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Apr 09

3 Key Steps to Remodel a Kitchen

Updating a kitchen and making a few remodeling changes to the space is an important part of getting the most out of your home. A kitchen is a place where friends and family gather and enjoy making meals together. Having an up-to-date kitchen that looks amazing starts by simply making a few changes to the …

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Apr 01

Get expert advice now on those spring projects

Do you need to find a handyman? Read roofer reviews? We have handyman painters, handyman landscapers, and handyman remodeling experts. We also list professional remodeling contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers and more. Contractors join our listing for free and customers supply ratings and reviews to help you find the best home improvement expert for your project. …

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Feb 15

How to Determine the Right Floor for You

Hardwood flooring is trendy, versatile and alluring. There are many different types of hardwood floors from solid and engineered hardwood flooring to vinyl, laminate and bamboo. Each style of hardwood has unique uses and characteristics. Deciding what type of flooring works best for you depend on the style of your home, what level of foot …

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Sep 17

Carpet and wood flooring professionals needed

carpet wood floor ceramic tile

My Labor Job is seeking professional carpet and wood flooring professionals. We are currently experiencing higher demand then our supply can handle for our residential and commercial customers. Sign up today for Free. We are currently accepting providers in all cities throughout the United States. At myLaborJOB.com, customers are able to search for and find the …

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Sep 10

Accents and Upgrades! Crown Molding

Even in a sluggish housing market, investing in a home improvement project such as adding interior accents, or upgrading your kitchen and bath continues to be the best investment, with the best return available.  Additionally, home improvement projects allow you to personally enjoy the investment. So while you select recipes in your newly remodeled kitchen, …

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