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Aug 28

Trouble Free Ways of Fixing a Broken Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tiles are one of the highest quality and durable flooring products that you will find in the building and construction industry. The materials that make up a ceramic tile are derived from natural materials. This is quite unlike flooring products such as carpets and vinyl, whose materials are synthetic substitutes for the purpose of …

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Jul 23

Mylaborjob.com announces best performing service categories

The Free myLaborJOB.com construction services directory has compiled results to determine the most popular construction service categories this year. And the winners are:   Electrical – It seems that no one wants to get their wires crossed when it comes to electrical repairs. Whether you need new to install new circuit breakers, new wiring, lighting, …

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Sep 10

Accents and Upgrades! Crown Molding

Even in a sluggish housing market, investing in a home improvement project such as adding interior accents, or upgrading your kitchen and bath continues to be the best investment, with the best return available.  Additionally, home improvement projects allow you to personally enjoy the investment. So while you select recipes in your newly remodeled kitchen, …

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Aug 22

Leaky Roof? Roof Materials Strength Weakness

It seems no matter where you reside, this year we have all seen a colder, wetter, and longer winter than in the past.  How has your roof held up?  Wind, rain, ice, and snow all have an effect on the performance of roofing materials, and their interaction with the roofing structure.  In this article (part …

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Aug 01

Ceramic Tile Walls and Counters Required Tools and Installation

In this, part 2 of the series, we will discuss the tools, materials, and installation procedure for building your own tile counters and walls. This is not a difficult project to perform, but experience and a good eye for detail is a must. If you would consider hiring a Contractor who has quality skills, and …

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Jul 31

Ceramic Tile Walls and Counters Material Options

When installing new ceramic tile for counters or wall/surrounds in your Kitchen or Bath; there are a few things to consider.  In this article (part 1 of a 2 part series) we will discuss the material options available. Using ceramic tile for kitchen counter tops have long been an excellent choice for a number of …

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May 06

Investing In Beautiful

Investing can be a challenging affair when there is uncertainty in the market place.  But investing into your home, and enhancing the equity of your strongest asset is always a safe investment.  Especially, when your home improvement work is done professionally, on budget, and on time! One very popular home improvement investment is the installation …

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Feb 12

Mylaborjob Gets a Mobile Makeover

New Layout makes finding the Best Home Improvement Contractors even easier. Slim layout Handheld friendly Easier Click through your selection Fast results Check it out at http://www.mylaborjob.com Search Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago Win $25 for providing your feedback Find handyman, remodeler, home additions, flooring, home improvment experts Try It!  http://www.mylaborjob.com   Tweet This …

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