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May 23

Show You’re Tech Savvy: Five Ways to Demonstrate Tech Abilities on Your Resume

Tech skills are becoming more and more necessary in nearly every workplace. Here are five ways to improve your resume by showing your tech skills.   1.   Link to social media accounts Anything professional helps, including a Linkedin account, a professional Google+ Page or a Twitter account. Having a professional online presence at all can …

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May 01

5 Reasons Every Business Should Have A Patrol Guard On Duty

Small business owners often don’t have the disposable income to deal with robbery, theft and vandalism costs. When an incident occurs at a small business, it really hurts the owner; unlike large corporations, small business owners end up paying for damages straight out of their pocket. If the damages are bad enough, it can put …

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Apr 18

Work Organization: Six Tips to Organizing Your Office Space

Anyone who has an office space, from a table or cubicle to a full blown corner office probably knows that organization can help to make them more productive. However, organizing your office space is often easier said, than done. Here are six tips to make the most of your office space and get organized: 1 …

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Nov 27

6 Rules for Building Your Reputation in a Service Industry

When you are in the service business, your reputation is all you have. If you don’t have a good reputation, your business will quickly fail. On the other hand, a strong reputation will build your business quickly and help to ensure its success. If you want to thrive in the service industry, then follow these …

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Oct 28

Spread the Word: 5 Things that Will Generate Excitement About Your Product

One of the keys to a successful product launch, and to future sales, is creating excitement about the item. This involves some strategic marketing in order to get average consumers interested in the brand and the product. Even the best items will have only moderate sales if there is no buzz from consumers in the …

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Oct 22

Four Ways to Get Your Business Into Your Customers’ Homes

If you want your clients to choose your business over your competitors, it may not be enough to just present them with an occasional ad. You may want to get your business into the homes of your current and future customers so they can be reminded of your company on a daily basis. Then, next …

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Jul 02

Four Tips to Create a Successful Company in a Rocky Economy

The poor state of the economy is not a secret, and it’s been this way for awhile now. However, you can still set your sights on some exciting business prospects. What can you do to ensure that your company is successful in the midst of an economy still recovering from financial crisis?   Be Innovative …

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Jun 25

5 Ways to Jump Start Your New Job Search

Many people get down on themselves and start to waste time after losing a good job. It can be hard to get back on your feet after losing a job that you have held for a good period of time, but the fact of the matter is that you need to be proactive and get …

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Jun 06

Five Precautions to Take When Starting Up Your First Business

Five Precautions to Take When Starting Up Your First Business Starting your first business is a challenge that can become complex within moments. Mistakes are common in life, but when serious business matters are at risk, they should still be avoided. Saving one mistake could save you thousands of dollars. Review five precautions to take …

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