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Dec 01

Choose your favorite home improvement video

Choose your favorite video. Here are a few of the recent videos put together for myLaborJOB.com. Tell us what you think. Do they inspire you to check out the free service contractor directory or list your contractor business with the myLaborJOB.com website? What inspires you when it comes to home improvement projects? Do you have …

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Aug 28

How to Make Home Improvement Changes to the Bathroom Easily

Life can become dull and monotonous when homes look the same. Home enhancements undoubtedly can brighten up the spirits. Bathroom is place where quite a bit of time is spent daily. Hence it is imperative the place looks not only sanitary and clean but also a little lively. Let us go ahead and check out …

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Feb 11

Get the most out of your bathroom remodel

 The first thing to do when considering bathroom remodeling, like any other home improvement project, is to compare your allotted budget with the cost of your wants and needs. Is installing a sunken bathtub with a whirlpool your bathroom remodeling dream?  If you want your space to have the look and feel of a spa, …

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