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Sep 20

Exterior Makeover! Vinyl Siding

With the re-sale housing market is a slump, more than ever it is important for the home seller to consider a visual upgrade that will make their home stand out above the rest. In this article we will explore the many architectural options available with exterior vinyl sidings. Are you aware that vinyl siding has …

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Jul 26

Creative Faux Finishing color application

Now that we have discussed how to create texture on wooden furnishings in Part one of Creative Faux Finishing; we can address the various ways to place color on an object, creating a unique, and believable  Antique effect. In this article we will discuss the following methods of color application: 1)      Antique color ‘rub-out.’ 2)      …

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Jan 03

Antique Restoration Made Easy – Part 1

How often have your heard about someone who made a fantastic find at their neighborhood garage sale, but were afraid of the cost and hard work involved, getting their discovery repaired and made new?  Let’s discuss Antique Restoration Made Easy in this, part one of a two part series. 1) Stripping the finish. 2) How …

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