Mar 18

Like Working With Your Hands? 6 Careers To Consider

Employment experts agree that for long-term job satisfaction workers should pursue careers that suit their personalities and skills. And in this every growing technology age many of those you take enjoyment from working with think there are less avenues for them to make a career. But that couldn’t be more far from the truth. So if you are one of those who enjoy the hands on experience, here are a few careers for you to consider:

Like Working With Your Hands- 6 Careers To Consider


Whether you like cooking in general or enjoy making baked goods or desserts, a career in culinary arts might be the perfect fit! Cooks use their hands every day during food preparation and presentation. Besides decorating foods or presenting finished creations with an artistic flair, you can also make foods that are literally works of art, such as wedding cakes and sugar sculptures.



The act of sculpting is very much a hands-on process and a career in sculpting allows you to work with various challenging materials, including wood, stone, sand, glass and ice. If you’re artistic and enjoy sculpting, there are numerous opportunities to make a good living creating custom sculptures for individuals and businesses.



Besides working with wood as a sculptor, you might also consider other careers partly or completely based in woodworking, such as general carpentry and construction, logging, lumber sales, furniture repair and cabinetmaking. The experts from Mid-States Bolts and Screw in Detroit say you can also specialize in specific areas, such as roofing, deck installation, shed construction or even tree house building.



Many people think of crafting as a low-income hobby, but a career as a crafter can be quite lucrative. It also provides creative types with an outlet to work with their hands. As a crafts person, you might create jewelry, embroidered or knitted items, clothing, country or modern artwork, paintings, health and beauty items, candles, toys, baskets or stained glass windows.


But there are countless outlets to sell the goods you choose to create. Whether you are interested in craft fairs and Saturday markets or online venues, there is always a place for you to put up shop and make times there is a market for your item. If you are working with a more obscure item, online might be the right place for you.



Gardening is another hands-on income source. You might become a greenhouse worker or owner, a country or city gardening specialist, an organic gardener or a landscape designer who drafts sketches and drawings of beautiful outdoor scenes. Other gardening-based careers include work as a garden health consultant or a plant expert.



Lastly, any type of technology, especially home appliances and personal electronics, can break down. If you have a knack for repairing these types of items, you might consider using your hands in a career as a repair person. Potential jobs include electrician, plumber or computer, cable or telephone tech.


These and many more careers are available for people who enjoy working with their hands. Make a list of the types of hands-on work you like the most, research careers related to your interests and then start searching for academic programs and jobs in your local area today!

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