Jul 01

Work At Home? Why Not!

Work at home? Why not? With the limitless access to communication, both audio and visual Internet systems can now allow most individuals, self employed and new entrepreneurs an opportunity that was simply unavailable a decade ago.

Rather than pay rent month after month for some cubicle office far from home, why not reinvest that rent expense into a simple home improvement that would result in the perfect home office space?  It only makes sense!

By remodeling your home to accommodate a new home office, you save on the cost of commuting back and forth, fuel, and parking.  Plus avoiding all that traffic, and the time you save is priceless!

Perhaps your home has an extra bedroom or den that you have underutilized.  With a modest decorating budget, you can easily convert that bedroom or den into a home office space.  Or perhaps you have a basement, even an attic that can be remodeled into a home office.  Or you might even consider a small addition to your home.

The best way to begin a project like this is to get some solid professional advice about the remodeling possibilities your home can offer.  This is where Handyman Headquarters steps in.  With a click on http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/ you can easily access a national data base of qualified home improvement Contractors, ready and available to help you meet your design options, material selection, and budget specifications.

Older homes, especially those of Victorian architecture have massive attic space, usually relegated to the storage of old luggage and forgotten furnishings.  Designed with wide and steep roof lines, Victorian attics are a practically ready-made for conversion into roomy home office space.

However, if your attic seems dark and impractical for conversion into a comfortable office space, consider the simple modification of adding dormer windows, or a ridge cupola.  You can let the sun shine in while you increase the overall ceiling height, creating a comfortable home office space designed just for your specific needs.

Also by increasing a portion of ceiling height in your attic you add practical, comfortably usable square footage to your home, while building a new office space, you are also building equity and value.

Cutting the roof and framing out new window dormers, or adding a ridge cupola can be accomplished is as little as a few days, when you work with a Handyman Headquarters Contractor.

http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ is where you can locate a remodeling Contractor who resides in your community.  Someone you can count on to help you find the best in labor and material resources, and get the job done right, and on time!

Basements too can be converted easily into comfortable home office space.  With manufactured insulated wall paneling, floating floor systems, and overhead suspended ceilings and lighting systems; you can transform that under utilized basement space into a bright and beautiful home office, even on the most modest budget!

So why pay rent for four walls and an Internet jack?  Set yourself up in style and comfort at home!  Handyman headquarters is the place to begin, contact http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and get started, you’ll be glad you did!


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