Apr 29

Where Memories Are Made

There’s just something about the coolness of the evening that beckons us to a quieter time, peacefully enjoying the sights and sounds of community from the casual, and familiar setting of our home’s front porch.  A place where memories are made.

The world has come a long way from the original social network of the front porch, to the digital network of face book!

Still, the purpose remains the same. People love the sense of connectivity, and what better way to experience the ambiance of a cool evening, then to enjoy the comforts of your home’s front, or year yard patio with family and friends.

Have you every considered the possibility of remodeling your home to include a new front porch?  It is actually a modest construction endeavor, and can be completed in as little as a few days.  Depending on the size and scope of your design plan, a new front porch can be a modest investment, guaranteeing a huge return as it becomes very equitable for your home!

Usually, a front porch is not considered as an increase to the square footage of your home if it is an ‘uncovered’ porch.  Simply having an open porch is often considered more of a landscape improvement like a deck, than a home modification.  This is good to know because in many communities additional square footage to your home may increase the property tax value, whereas adding a deck (uncovered) would not.

Be sure to check with your local building department about the requirements in adding a deck or covered patio to your home, and ask about any ‘set-back’ requirements before you start.  A ‘set-back’ is the distance you must maintain between the sidewalk, or street, and the front edge of any structure attached to your home.  Another requirement is some locations is known as, ‘square footage to lot size ratio.’  In this case you are only allowed to build a certain amount of square footage regardless of the size of set-back on your property. Once you meet the requirements of the building department in your community, your next step is to find a qualified, experienced Building Contractor, and there is no better place to start than at Handyman Headquarters.

Go to http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ where you can get design advice, assistance with the permitting process, and professional, timely, ‘hands-on’ construction from qualified Handyman Headquarters Contractors.

So go ahead, imagine!  Your new front porch can be floored with beautiful natural wood decking like Cedar, or Redwood.  Or perhaps you prefer maintenance free flooring.  There are a number of environmentally ‘Green’ products on the market today that are just as beautiful and long lasting (and longer!) than natural woods.  Consider the beauty of natural stone, or brick flooring, with steps leading to your garden. Also, balustrade and banisters surrounding the porch can be very decorative and ornate, or reflect, and compliment the architecture of your home.

Design the porch to accommodate comfortable sitting, maybe even an old fashion Porch Swing!  A few garden boxes for spring plantings and you have just installed a little bit of paradise exclusively for your enjoyment for many years to come.

Finding the right architectural compliment to your home, and designing just the right space for your new porch may seem daunting, but not with Handyman Headquarters. So why not contact them today http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and discover all the possibilities a Handyman Headquarters Contractor can do for you, you’ll be glad you did!

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