Mar 04

Three Unique Jobs That Haven’t Crossed Your Mind


Job seekers these days face many hurdles, including the high unemployment rate, fierce competition among applicants and low wages. These obstacles are often discussed by job counselors and examined by the mainstream news media, but there is yet another impediment that is seldom talked about: Saturation.

Employment saturation occurs when too many people choose to follow the same career path. Saturation is susceptible to many factors, including demand, competition, and even perception based on popular culture. This happens in many industries, and the best way to avoid falling prey to saturation is to think about unique jobs that are not likely to cross your mind.

The following three unique jobs are reasonably compensated, feature plenty of room for advancement and are not overly sensitive to saturation:

Phlebotomy Technician

The red-hot health care industry suffers from periods of saturation when it comes to the nursing and physician professions. Becoming a doctor or a nurse is in the minds of many career hopefuls, but few people think about making phlebotomy a full-time endeavor. Although casual blood collection is part of the skill set of many health care workers, phlebotomists do a lot more than puncturing blood vessels and collecting blood. After phlebotomy training, phlebotomy technicians are often vital members of blood banks and laboratory departments, and they are compensated according to tenure and experience.

Freelance Writer

For those who enjoy a variety of work and writing their own tickets in life, freelance writing can be a wonderful career. This job usually entails more than just a good command of the language; research skills and and open mind are required. Many freelance writers take on commercial writing assignments to produce online content, but with the right amount of discipline and networking they can branch out into becoming copywriters, technical writers, ghost writers, columnists, published authors, screenwriters, and more. Compensation is commensurate with ability and professional acumen.

Helicopter Pilot

Many people choose to make their dreams of flying come true by getting their pilot’s license, but when they realize just how saturated the fixed wing commercial aircraft job market is, their dreams turn sour. Rotary wing pilots, however, are not subject to so much saturation due to the dynamic nature of their chosen career. Helicopter pilots are natural magnets for the military and police forces, but they are also highly sought-after by air evacuation medical services outfits, film and television production companies, rescue organizations, executive transportation firms, tour operators, and more.

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