Sep 18

Three Home Repairs That Are Better Left To Experts

Home repairs are a constant necessity to keep systems safe and functionally efficiently. Many people are good at do-it-yourself projects, and the wide range of products available at home improvement stores make it easy to complete many repairs yourself. However, some home systems need professional servicing to ensure that they are done in a safe manner that doesn’t jeopardize your property with a fire hazard or water damage. Three Home Repairs that Are Better Left to Experts

Electrical Re-Wiring

Although many people do small electrical repairs like re-wiring lamps and installing ceiling fans themselves, it is advisable to leave the larger jobs to licensed and certified electricians. Electrical problems can erupt long after the job has been done, and you may find that the repair you tackled earlier in the year has left you with a shock or fire hazard that can cost you much more than what a professional repair would have cost. If you find your older home needs extensive re-wiring to bring it up to current code, get references from friends or family for a good electrician that can complete the job safely.


Though it may look like a fairly simple job, tree trimming can cause a multitude of problems. Wielding a chainsaw is the least of it. You must also consider factors such as weight, height, obstructions and personal safety. Routine trimming of dead trigs or pruning to remove crowded growth can usually be done safely on lower areas. Although you can usually remove a broken lower limb from a spring storm yourself, work on higher branches and larger branches can be more complicated that it seems. A simple tree limb removal can end up costing thousands in exterior repairs or medical costs. Leave this job to those who have the knowledge and experience to do the job right and safely.

Major Plumbing Repairs

Unclogging the kitchen or bathroom sink is a job that most people have tackled on a Saturday afternoon. Changing a leaky faucet or the fixtures in a running toilet are also common repairs that anyone can do. You may have even replaced a nonfunctioning toilet. However, some plumbing repairs require more knowledge than a do-it-yourself video and a few parts from the local hardware store. Leaking pipes that are located in ceilings, behind walls or under concrete slabs will need a professional plumber that has the knowledge and equipment necessary to find and repair it in the most cost-effective way. According to plumbing in Indianapolis, trying to do these repairs yourself will only cost you more in money, time and aggravation.

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