May 21

The Six Most Common Workplace Injuries Every Business Should Be Aware Of

6 Most Common Workplace Injuries Every Business Should Be Aware Of

On the job injuries are more common than you might think. Statistics show that in America, 3.3 million people on average a year suffer an injury at work that they may never fully recover from. In most cases, these are preventable if we pay close attention to the warning signs and educate our staff on ways to stay safe.

Lifting Improperly

Lifting heaving boxes may seem like a simple task, yet it is one of the most common culprits of workplace injuries. It’s very important to lift with your legs, not your back. Yet often times, even in non-warehouse type workplaces, we need to pick up bulky items repeatedly. When we forget the rule, we risk throwing out our back and potentially hurting ourselves permanently. Post the signs reminding people of how to properly life, no matter the environment. In addition, watch for employees who disregard the rule and remind them to lift safely.

Driving Accidents

Employees who drive for a living can get into accidents that can be deadly. Make sure all drivers are educated on safe driving techniques and if you don’t have one, institute a program to help new employees who use a vehicle to learn how to be safe on the road. Make sure you are constantly checking in with them and and providing more training.

Slips & Falls

Slips and falls can happen anywhere at any time without proper signage and methods for cleaning up liquids or obstructions in well-traveled walking zones. Keep hazard signs ready for areas that might be wet from spills or weather, and make sure to keep walkways clear of items that could cause people to trip and fall. Always clean up spills immediately to ensure safety guidelines are followed.


Many jobs involve repetition, resulting in parts of our bodies doing the same motion day in and day out. With small breaks in those movements and resting periods, we can avoid causing wear and tear on our bodies due to overexertion. Keep safety equipment on hand to protect backs and joints. When employees are tired from working long shifts, they are more likely to ease up on protecting themselves, whether they are aware of it or not.

Falls From Heights

Ladders and other elevated areas are always at risk for falling. Whether by accident or faulty equipment, falls from up high can cause serious or life-threatening injuries. Make sure to keep your equipment in proper working order and keep safety equipment on-hand for workers to keep themselves protected. With proper training, this can be an accident that’s easily avoided.

Machine Ensnarement

Some environments involve machinery we have to use our hands or feet to operate. Making sure our employees keep their gear, hair and clothes within safety protocols can avoid them becoming entangled in machines. Be sure to provide in depth training on how to safely use equipment, and keep an eye out for employees who may be careless around dangerous machinery.

With proper training and safety equipment, our workplaces can be safer for our employees. Utilizing signs and keeping our workers informed will undoubtedly deter accidents to keep the company from costly claims. If a workplace injury does occur, both business owners and employees should know their rights, including workers compensation, medical care and the right to attorney.

Informational credit to Dietrich Law.

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