Jan 29

The Benefits of Cloakroom Basins in Your Home

Cloakrooms are becoming more popular today with the greater variety of designs available. They have been underestimated in the past because of their size, but a small space can offer a lot with a little imagination and design. There are many benefits of having cloakrooms in the home and they can look really great at the same time. Deciding to install a cloakroom bathroom is the first step; the advantages can be seen immediately after.

Firstly, cloakrooms are advantageous for guests. They mean that you don’t have to have everyone that comes into your home also going into your bathroom. The cloakroom can be the designated bathroom for guests and offers convenience too. The small space means that everything is close by and can be reached easily. Cloakroom basins come in many different designs that include the corner basis and free-standing basin to minimise the amount of space being used given that it is a small space to begin with.


Usual bathroom risks can be reduced in a cloakroom with cloakroom basins being so close together. The risk of slipping is minimised. It’s convenient for all guests and offers a solution is your guests are disabled in any way too. There is no need to head all the way up stairs and the small room can easily cater for rails if required as the walls will be closer together than in a family bathroom.

In a cloakroom bathroom the plumbing for cloakroom basins are contained given the small space. This means pipes are more likely to be hidden away to reduce loss of space as much as possible. Cleaning is much easier as well as there is less space and the basin will be smaller than those in your main bathroom. You can easily remove and dirt and debris without having a large room to tackle. This means it’s easy to keep your cloakroom presentable given that the main use will be for guests. Maintenance on a regular basis is easier than a larger bathroom as well. The extent of the maintenance required will not involve much more than the cleaning itself.

If you find that you need to invest in any repairs on cloakroom basins, then you will find that the cost is usually less because the problem will often be easier to repair. The close proximity of the basin will reduce the risk of certain issues. Cloakroom suites are generally cheaper than family bathroom suites as well so you can rest assured that should your suite ever need replacing or should you fancy an upgrade, it’s not going to cost too much to make the idea unrealistic.

A cloakroom bathroom is a great asset to have in any home and certainly offers convenience for you and for guests. Your family bathroom can be just that, for your family, whilst anyone visiting your home can make use of a cloakroom on the ground floor. The bathroom suites come in many different designs today so yours can be stylish too. They are affordable and a great addition to any home.

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