Dec 18

The Advantages Of Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Today we merely get the time to have a peaceful sleep thanks to our hectic and fast lifestyle. But doctors and health consultants strictly suggest that we should have at least 8 hours of sleep every day to ourselves healthy and fit. A good night sleep helps us to get refreshed on the very next day and start working harder and increase our energy level. Natural memory foam mattresses which are particularly made off natural latex are more comfortable than the other mattresses and are good for health for the people using them.  Following are the reasons that tell the reason behind the success of memory foam mattresses.

Comfortable sleep:

Currently memory foam mattresses are getting sole in the market especially in the European market like hot cakes and have almost outdated the traditional inne4r spring mattresses. These are far more comfortable and offer the best support to your body. Sleeping on this mattresses helps you to distribute the weight of your body equally thus reducing the pressure point and improving the circulation and finally offering you a healthy good night sleep.

Get rid of dust mites:

Though many people opt for coil mattresses that come with natural padding. But actually these are not healthy for us as the spring systems within the mattresses work as the hub that nurtures the mildew, mould and dust mites. This is the reason why these types of mattresses are weighted double after a few years. All these dusts and the other things hide their faces in the dark area of the mattresses.

Natural and organic: how many of us actually know that a large amount of pesticides are used at the time of making cotton crops? This is the reason why it is suggested that we should always go for natural and organic mattresses as they are good for both our health as well as environment. Natural memory foam mattresses are made off organic fabrics. Therefore while buying one you should always check whether it is completely organic. Some natural memory foam mattresses are made off natural latex instead of synthetic or blended materials. These types of mattresses are quite popular as they are healthy and they run for nearly 20 years which is longer than any other mattresses if compared with the others which tend to get dry and broken down after a few years of usage. It also offers a comfortable sleep after a hectic day out as the natural latex gives a smooth feeling with the help of its firm rubbery foam that is made either off wool or organic cotton.

Zero toxic retardant:

many of us do not know that most of all mattresses that are sold every day in USA are fire resistance and capable enough to endure a 2 feet wide torch open flame for around a minute. These natural memory foam mattresses are not made off toxic fire resistance.

A number of memory foam mattresses companies claim that the mattresses they sell are produced in the countries like Canada or US. But the fact is that the most of the times these mattresses are made in foreign countries and are assembled in US and Canada after importing to reduce the production cost. Therefore it is not a very easy task to find out whether any toxic element has been used in the mattresses. Still you need to be very careful.


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