Nov 27

Stone Veneer? improving the architecture of your home

Have you ever thought about improving the architecture of your home with the addition of a stone veneer?  Actual stone veneer has never been as readily available, easy to install, and cost effective as it is today.

Not long ago decorative stone veneer was limited to artificial stone, manufactured from concrete, or polymers, then either colored to appear like natural stone in the molding process, or painted  afterward.  Sadly, this type of product never quite achieving the look, feel or texture of real stone, as developers continued to create artificial stone materials as best as possible to satisfy the demand for stone veneers.  Thankfully, recent manufacturing technology has improved, creating cost effective ‘natural’ stone veneer.  Real stone veneer is now available in hundreds of stone types, cut for multiple veneer design applications, for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Stone veneer is simple to install, thin and light weight.  With proper installation stone veneer will appear to be every bit the real deal, ‘hand set’ solid stone.

Stone walls dividing farmland, marking boundaries, establishing foundations, homes, and monuments has been the traditional work of Stone Masons for hundreds of years.  Over the centuries, familiar patterns of stone construction emerged, giving us today’s standard for the ‘look‘ of proper stone walls the world over.  Replicating this ‘look’ is no small task, especially when using stone veneer.  It is critically important to have stone veneer applications installed by professionals with an artistic eye for the work in order to achieve the look and feel of real stone construction.

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Stone veneer is an excellent choice for an instant, beautiful modification of your homes interior or exterior.

Inside your home, fireplace surrounds, half walls, trimming counter tops, and back-splash areas in the kitchen, even bathtub and shower surrounds are great places to apply stone veneer.

For the exterior of your home, stone veneer can be a tremendous asset when designed to complement the architectural theme of your home.

There is probably no single enhancement that can modify your home with color, and texture, while insulating against weather, fire, and sound transmission better than stone veneer.

Real stone veneer is heavier than artificial stone, and therefore there may be limitations to where and how the stone veneer can be installed.  Typically, stone veneer can be set to any solid, dry surface with adhesive mastic, or ceramic bonding cements.  However, the surface that the veneer is attached itself must have a solid, secure attachment to the supportive members behind it.  Although you can attach some stone veneer directly to sheet-rock with latex adhesives, you must be sure the sheet-rock itself is properly attached to the interior studs.

For the best possible information about structural readiness, and stone veneer application, remember to go to Handyman Headquarters.  Get good advice, from knowledgeable Contractors who are ready to provide you with physical samples of stone veneer options suitable for your home. Search local home improvement experts now at  myLaborJOB.com.  Here you will find a local, qualified, experienced professional to help you with your home improvement project.

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