Apr 12

Small Investment? Big Return!

Wondering how you can make an improvement to your home with a modest investment, and create a big impact, even gain an equitable return on the improvement?  Consider the big impact you can achieve with some very affordable, easy to install items such as kitchen appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and trim, electrical lighting fixtures, window treatments, or a splash of vibrant designer color painted on an interior wall or two.

For real cash saving affordability you can always go to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and find just the right professional who can provide you with the best advice and design ideas to help you make your home improvement projects a big success!

Kitchen appliances have become more energy efficient and have adopted multiple designer styles.  Beautiful colored enamel finishes, stainless steel, tinted glass, even ceramics are now incorporated into ovens and stove tops.  You can make a huge visual improvement and energy efficient enhancement to your home by just replacing that tired worn out cook top for new.  Or your stove/oven could be replaced with a new stainless confection unit.  Pick up a matching microwave for your counter top, and you will be amazed how this simple makeover has improved the overall look of your kitchen.

Have an expert from Handyman headquarters help you in your appliance selection and installation for a super easy home improvement project, hassle free!

Another super economic home improvement for both kitchens and bathrooms is the installation of new sinks, faucets, and trim.  Available in hundreds of shapes, styles, and multiple colors, sinks can really set the designer tone of your kitchen or bath.  By adding new designer faucets and hardware not only have you enhanced the beauty of your home, but added real equity.  The number one equitable home improvement you can make is to beautify your kitchen and bath.

Why not throw away those messy shower curtains, and install a beautiful, sleek, sliding glass door system for your tub and shower?  Perhaps even replace the tub and shower trim with something more exciting, and practical!  And why not finish off your home improvement project with new cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and hinges.  You’ll be amazed how instantly more attractive your cabinetry can be with the simple investment of new hardware.  You might even consider a fresh coat of paint or refinishing of those cabinet doors and trims.  Think of the possibilities!

While your at it, thinking about better lighting?  Now more than ever are high fashion designer lighting fixtures available at super reasonable prices.  Additionally, new lighting technologies provide super environmentally friendly and efficient lighting options.

Interior walls of your home seem dull?  Consider a splash of new color with a fresh coat of paint for your interior walls to really brighten things up.  And if you want to add an inexpensive, but stunning architectural improvement, think Crown Molding!

Decorative crown molding and other interior ornament is available in many materials that are lightweight, and super easy to install.  Crown molding adds a classic look and value to any room of your home.  With so many shapes and sizes available you can create an instant visual makeover to any room in the house!

Making a modest investment in your home today will turn into a super return when your home improvement is done right.  Click on Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and be assured your working with the very best!

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