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The installation of a new perimeter or bordering fence can add both beauty, and valuable equity to your home.  Fencing provides physical security to your property, while adding a defining architectural element to your home and surrounding landscaping.

Fencing is manufactured in dozens of architectural themes and materials; steel, aluminum, wrought iron, plastics, vinyl, integrated block, and several wood species.

With so many options to choose from, a good place to begin is Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ here you will find qualified, experienced, local fencing contractors who are ready to present ideas, creative design options, and assist you with all your home improvement needs.

Metal fencing has come a long way to meet the demand for decorative ‘high-end’ residential security and gate systems in the last decade.  With everything from the simplest vertical stainless steel stake, to ornate swirling designs now available in wrought iron, (plated) in bronze, brass, and copper finishes.

Today’s metal fencing is often ‘custom’ designed and manufactured to designer specifications.   Enduring, extremely secure, and beautiful, metal custom fencing is a significant enhancement, increasing your home’s equity.  Although the top end of the cost scale, custom metal fencing is an excellent choice, especially when security is a priority.

Vinyl fencing is another popular choice, and can be found in at your neighborhood Do-it-yourself center.

Vinyl fencing systems are available is many design themes, in certain patterns, color options are available too. Vinyl fencing is designed for easy assembly, with minimum effort which will reduce installation costs.   Vinyl fencing is a great choice for creating privacy, and enhancing your garden’s landscaping.  Also, vinyl requires little to no maintenance, doesn’t require painting,  and withstands exposure to harsh weather for many years.

Integrated concrete block provides you with easy installation, simply stacking it dry without mortar. This is an excellent option for low embankment fortification, raised planters, and non-structurally significant retaining walls.  A perfect companion to the garden and planting aspects of landscaping. Integrated block is available in a variety of textured surfaces, and colors, is cost effective, and readily available at most Home centers and Lumber yards.

Wooden fencing also is available in dozens of architectural themes, and species.  Redwood fencing is highly resistant to rot caused by insect or termites above ground.  It is an excellent choice for long term exposure to harsh weather.  Redwood will change color when exposed over time to a soft silvery gray, but will retain its structural integrity for many years.

Cedar is another option. Similar to Redwood, but generally more available, and therefore less expensive, cedar weathers well, and makes for a solid fencing system that like redwood does not require painting (although can be if desired) and has little to no maintenance.

Natural Pine is probably the least resistant to decay caused by moisture, and a poor choice for fencing if left unpainted.  Usually pine is relegated to inexpensive ‘picket’ fencing systems.

Treated wood is manufactured from Yellow Pine that has been pressurized with a varity of chemicals in order to make it moisture, rot, and insect resistant. Treated wood is often used for fence posts that are set directly in the ground, where they can resist moisture driven decay for many years.  Also for this reason, dock construction, and water adjacent decking systems are often built from ‘treated’ wood.

Although treated wood can be painted, it doesn’t hold paint well, and is better off left unfinished.  Many times, cedar or redwood fencing will simply be clad over structural treated wood posts where long term exposure (20 plus years) is required.

So whatever material choice you may consider for fencing, be sure to go to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ for prompt, solid advice from the fencing professionals in your area.

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  1. Nancy Keppeler

    Great article! You have given the consumer a very balanced view of what is available and the best options for their fencing project!

    For His Glory and by His Grace, Nancy

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