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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing selecting a contractor

This is part three a four part series covering the following:

1)      Existing cabinet materials

2)      Method of refinishing

3)      Selecting a Contractor

4)      Doing the work yourself

When considering a home improvement project like refinishing the kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you can choose to either select a Contractor, or do it yourself. In this article we will examine the important considerations when selecting a Contractor.

First, make a selection of a least three Contractors to interview. A great place to begin is here at Handyman Headquarters http://la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ Keep in mind that Painting Contractors may be a good place to start, but not all painters are skilled at refinishing, especially at ‘furniture grade’ finishing. So be sure to narrow your search, and be specific in seeking someone with direct ‘hands-on’ experience in furniture and cabinet refinishing.

Next there are certain questions that must be asked of the Contractor during your interview process:

1)      How long have you contracted this sort of work?

2)      Do you specialize in refinishing work?

3)      Will your work include repair of damaged cabinets, doors or drawer fronts?

4)      Do you perform the work yourself, or do you sub-contract?

5)      If you sub-contract, what portion of the work do you personally perform?

6)      If you perform the work (or portion of) what is the extent of your experience?

7)      How many Kitchens have you done in the past year?

8)      Do you provide photographic examples of your recent work?

9)      Do you provide references, and or previous customers that can be contacted?

10)  Will you provide me with a finished sample?

11)  Are you bonded, insured, and licensed to perform this work in my home?

12)  What portion of the work will be done in my home?

13)   Where will the rest of the work be performed?

14)  Are your facilities OSHA complaint?

15)  How will you protect the environment of my home while you work here?

16)  How long will the work take to perform?

When asking the Contractor to provide a sample of the refinishing work, insist they remove a door or drawer front from your kitchen, using  that to produce the sample. Factory made samples all look great.  However, you must be certain that the contractors work on your cabinets will look as good.

Another important aspect to this work is the finishing materials the Contractor will employ.  Using a high quality, non yellowing lacquer will insure that your new cabinet finish will last for many years.  Usually, this type of lacquer is water based and if sprayed inside your home, will be environmentally safe.

There is an additional opportunity that comes along with refinishing cabinets, enhancing their look. That is to change the cabinet hardware; hinges, handles, and drawer pulls. Be sure to confirm with your Contractor that they will be responsible for the removal of all the doors and drawer fronts when they perform the work.  Also, that when they reinstall the doors and drawer fronts, they incorporate the new hardware.

Lastly, be sure when discussing price,  do not outlay a large deposit. The Contractor will take possession of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts after starting the job, providing the Contractor with security.  After all you will want these items back!  Consider a deposit of 25% or less. A contract with stepped payments is preferable.  And be sure to get a completion date written into the agreement.

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