Apr 24

Preventive Medicine for Your Home.

It may sound silly, but it actually makes a lot of sense.  If you make a modest investment in preventive maintenance for your home, you may potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs later on.

Are you aware that the single most destructive cause to your roof is poor ventilation?  Roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, kilned ceramic, concrete, and terracotta tiles all require a certain amount of ventilation in order to stay healthy.

For example; asphalt shingle and wooden shingle roofs are both severely damaged by poor roof ventilation.  Asphalt roofs will break down chemically, causing the shingles to decompose several years to early.  Wooden shingles will ‘crown’ warp and split causing them to become ineffective in shedding water, leaving you with some well hidden roof leaks.

To remedy a ‘sick’ asphalt roofing system you will need to remove the heat generated in the attic below, and allow the plywood sheathing beneath the asphalt shingles to cool down.
Attics build up heat as warm air from the living areas below rises up into the attic where it may be become locked up, unable to be vented out.  When this happens, the attic heat slowly escapes through the plywood sheathing ‘cooking’ the asphalt shingles, and over a period of time, destroying them altogether.  In the case of wooden shingles, without proper ventilation shingles can’t dry out quickly after a soaking rain, and slowly are warped with moisture and mold until they become useless in shedding water.

Installation of a suitable attic venting system will correct this problem.  Installing a venting system doesn’t not have to be a major project, or a budget buster!

One way to vent the attic is to install an architectural vent in the upper gables of the homes exterior walls.  Another is to place roof-top vents at equal distances near the roof’s ridge.  Also, a quiet, slow driven attic ventilation fan can be installed to draw hot air out through the attic vents, or a dedicated vent to the exterior.  Controlled by a thermostat, your attic ventilation exhaust fan is a problem free, cost effective bit of preventive medicine for your home.

For more information and advice on attic venting systems, installation procedures and costs, just go to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/

Handyman Headquarters will provide you with expert, professional Contractors who can size up the present condition of your roofing system, and what maintenance it may need.  Handyman Headquarters Contractors can offer design and construction options for any budget.  And Handyman Headquarters Contractors are all local to your hometown!  They know what your home should expect from the seasonal weather conditions typical in your community, and are familiar with all the latest construction materials and technologies available.

If your roof is a shingled with a hard tile, like concrete, ceramic or terracotta, over heating can cause the tiles to shift, lift up, and in some cases crack and split apart.  So why take chances and gamble on your roof and pocket-book?  Better to have your roof properly ventilated and damage free for many years by installation of a simple venting system, than to face the huge cost of a new roof later on!  Contact Handyman Headquarters today http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ !

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