Jul 23

Mylaborjob.com announces best performing service categories

The Free myLaborJOB.com construction services directory has compiled results to determine the most popular construction service categories this year.

And the winners are:


  • Electrical – It seems that no one wants to get their wires crossed when it comes to electrical repairs. Whether you need new to install new circuit breakers, new wiring, lighting, appliances, or cable your network the electrical service category at myLaborJOB.com has professional certified electrician that can help.

Visit myLaborJOB.com Electrical services:  http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Electrical


  • Floor Coverings – Thinking about hardwood, carpet, tile or perhaps vinyl. Oh the possibilities are endless. How about some shag, texture, loop, or twist? Maple, espresso, or bamboo?

Visit myLaborJOB.com floor coverings services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Floor-Coverings

mylaborjob carpet and flooring

  • Handyman – These are the guys that do it all. Small projects are no problem. Large projects can be fun too. Make a list and we can do it all at once. From a squeaky door to a leaky faucet, give us a call first.

Visit myLaborJOB.com Handyman services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Handyman

mylaborjob handyman

Visit myLaborJOB.com remodeling services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Additions-Remodeling

remodeling and repair

  • House Cleaning – Not just construction contractors found here. House cleaning is a popular and growing category.  Let these experts bring some shine into your life. It is remarkably affordable to have regular house cleaning services.

Visit myLaborJOB.com house cleaning services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/House-Cleaning

house cleaning maid service

  • Plumbing  – Need some new pipes ,fittings and valves. Keep those drains flowing and the water clean. Find a pro with the tools and skills to fix your pipes right.

Visit myLaborJOB.com plumbing services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Plumbing

plumber and plumbing, sinks and faucets

  • Landscaping – Keeping the grass cut is one thing but how do you keep your yard green and healthy? Sprinkler systems, yard maintenance, fertilizers keep this category on the top 10.

Visit myLaborJOB.com lawn care services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Landscaping

  • Moving – Big trucks and strong backs make your move much easier. If you need help packing, loading or hauling visit the moving category.

Visit myLaborJOB.com moving and hauling services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Moving

  • Painting and Wall covering – A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Put some color on those walls and fill those nail holes. Get your home painted inside and out.

Visit myLaborJOB.com painting services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Painting-Wallcovering

  • Roofing and Siding – Don’t neglect the outside of your home.  Get your roof in tip top shape. Attic vents, gutters, and vinyl siding take on the elements to protect your home.

Visit myLaborJOB.com roofing services: http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/category/Roofing-Siding

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