Apr 18

Let There Be Light!

Let’s face it, energy prices are going up, and are likely to continue to climb as long as Homeowners remain solely dependent on municipal utilities.  Competition in the market place has been the traditional answer to driving prices down competitively.  Perhaps it’s time to get serious about energy, and energy costs.  Install a solar energy system, become a competitor!

Solar energy technologies have come a long way in recent years, and costs have come down to a fraction of what original installation costs were years ago.  Additionally, when you upgrade your home with a Solar system many States along with the Federal Government offer financial incentives such as grants, low interest loans, subsidies, and rebates to you, the homeowner!

Just think,  you can reduce your energy costs dramatically, become energy independent, have emergency energy systems in place when the utility company power goes out, and add significant equity to your home all at the same time while saving ‘big time’ on installation costs!  Go to handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and find your Solar Energy Contractor today!

At Handyman Headquarters you will easily find the most trusted, professional, qualified, and experienced Contractors local to your community.  Handyman Headquarters Contractors will be glad to meet with you and discuss your energy needs, helping you design a solar package suitable for your home and budget.  Plus, they will help you resource financial incentives available to make your energy independence a reality, right away!

With the installation of a Solar System you will be able to meet all your electrical energy needs.  Heat and cool your home, even heat your swimming pool, and best of all, the electricity you produce with your own Solar System that is not used can be stored, and sold back to the municipal utility company. When it comes to your home’s energy, with your own Solar System, you become the electric company, now you’re in charge!

While you have your Handyman Headquarters Contractor meeting with you about Solar, talk about new exterior lighting strategies for your home.  Outdoor lighting is not only about beautifying the exterior of your home, it about security too.  Nothing deters an unauthorized entry onto your property better than the illumination of your property’s perimeter when it’s dark outside.

Many Solar outdoor lighting systems are available today.  Some outdoor lighting options include individual Solar cell powered lights for your pathways and gardens.  These systems charge up from the Sun’s energy during the day, and automatically turn on at night illuminating your garden and walkways all night long.  Other Solar systems that utilize ‘hard wire’ systems provide electricity directly to your outdoor lighting, and lighting systems.  Even alarm systems can all be interconnected to the same energy source, your Solar System!  Now might be the best time to think of the possibilities of both beautifying your homes exterior, and making your property more secure with Solar energized outdoor lighting.

What about the appearance of Solar cell Systems on the roof?  You may be surprised to know, but Solar Panels are available as integrated roofing tiles.  Some new products are designed as continuous roof sheathing, while other options include low profile installations that look great with all types of roof architecture.  Want to learn more?  Go to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ !

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