May 24

Kitchens Un-Cluttered!

For those of us that love to entertain, preparing great meals for family and friends; a well organized, uncluttered kitchen allows us to keep our sanity amid the heat of the stove, bleep of the microwave, and the unforeseen distractions of curious children, hungry guests, demanding pets, and telephone solicitors!

Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but just in case, here are some space-saving home improvement ideas that will change a cluttered kitchen into a Chef’s paradise.

Consider reorganizing, and consolidating your counter-top appliances.  Those items that you seldom use can be placed in an alternate storage, freeing up precious counter space.   By installing an assembled, pre-finished cabinet in the garage, basement, or attic you can store un-used pots and pans and free up kitchen cabinet space; making for easier access of important everyday pots and pans, the ones you actually use!

If there is space above your refrigerator, a ready-made shelf unit, or closed door cabinet can be set on top, providing you with the perfect place to store items that are always needed, but of occasional use.

Handyman Headquarters can provide you with the right home improvement Contractor to help you select the right storage solution.  Click on http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/ and select from the many professionals nationwide!

With Handyman Headquarters you will find professional, licensed. experienced home improvement Contractors that are local to your area.  Your Handyman Headquarters Contractor will provide many creative design ideas for new storage solutions, and help you through the many options available.

Consider installing a ‘Lazy Susan’ in an upper cabinet.  You will accommodate dozens of small items, like jarred spices and condiments, freeing up precious shelf space for pantry goods and dishware.  Available is several sizes, you can install a larger ‘Lazy Susan’ into a base cabinet and finally corral that herd of Tupperware bowls, pitchers, and lids,  keeping them all organized, giving you better access to just the ones you need without fear of an avalanche every time you open the door!

How about adding a ‘Roll-out’ drawer?  You can add an additional level of storage to your upper cabinets for low profile dishware, or food items without compromising the existing space.  Installing a roll-out drawer in your base cabinet can be the perfect storage solution for bulky pots, casserole pans, and bake ware.  In base cabinets, roll out plastic bins are perfect for holding bulky non-stackable pantry goods.  Here too Handyman Headquarters can help you with material selection, and professional help with installation, click on http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ to get some ideas going!



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