Oct 10

Industry Must Haves: Six Tools Every Builder Needs

Industry Must HavesSometimes people must look at the great cathedrals and palaces built during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance and wonder how the builders did it without earth movers, cement mixers, mobility hoists and lifting equipment or even electric drills. Fortunately, builders now have all sorts of equipment to make their jobs just a bit easier than those of early masons, glaziers and carpenters. Here are six tools every builder needs:




This versatile piece of equipment is built to trundle over the muddiest, gnarliest terrain. The loader can carry hundreds of pounds of stuff, be it rocks for a stone wall, bricks for a patio or debris. It can also smooth out a patch of soil or push a pile of soil out of the way. The backhoe itself tears up the most compact, rocky earth and can also pick up heavy material.




The excavator, as its name implies, digs holes. These include holes for basements and foundations and trenches for sewer pipes. Excavators can not only help build structures but can help demolish them. They’re also good for landscaping and carrying heavy items.


Lifting Equipment


Surely, even the men who built the pyramids had to have some sort of lifting equipment! But the modern builder has all manner of lifting equipment that make lifting those heavy stone blocks or metal panels almost a cinch. Mobility hoists and lifting equipment can include chain hoists that can lift up to a ton, hydraulic furniture movers, hydraulic toe jacks, lifting clamps, magnets, shackles and slings as well as jib cranes and trolleys.




Power drills have also become indispensable to a builder unless he or she is renovating a very old house and wants to use old-fashioned tools. For really heavy duty construction jobs, a drill press, part electric drill and worktable, is ideal.




There are all kinds of saws, from the tiny veneer saw to general purpose handsaws, bow saws, miter box and coping saws. Power saws range from saber and reciprocating saws, scroll saws, circular and band saws and table saws full of all kinds of bells and whistles. Just about all of them have a place on the construction site.




There are hammers for just about every type of job, but the power hammer has become especially prized as it’s able to cleanly drive in nails at a much faster rate than a traditional curved claw hammer. One thing every builder can appreciate is a job that’s done well and done quickly.

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