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Improve Your Apartment Building’s Curb Appeal Without Relying on the Landlord

Tired of your apartment looking like everyone else’s from the outside?  Here are some tips to make your outdoor space more welcoming, while improving the value at minimal cost to you.

Front Door

Check your lease agreement. If painting is allowed, a fresh coat of paint on the front door might be just what is needed to set your home apart. Another possibility is changing out the hardware.  If it is an outside entry, over time the hardware can become pitted or rusted.  How about your apartment number?  Does it show up or is it just shabby?  That is also an easy fix by either painting or purchasing new numbers.Normally the landlord will appreciate these changes, as it is raising the value of the property. If you do decide to change out the old hardware, just make sure to notify the landlord and provide a set of keys that works with the new locks.

Of course, some Landlords may not be agreeable to you making any drastic changes, so you may have to resort to other ways such as placing a wreath on the door, which could be changed in every season.  There are numerous ways of attaching something to a door that would not do damage, as well as many fun ideas for any season or holiday.  However, be sure you get the door sparkling clean before doing anything to draw attention to it! You’ll be surprised how a little scrub and shine can make a big difference.

Porch / Outside Entry Area

Apartments that have their own outside entry as opposed to those that enter from a hallway are a little easier to make feel like your own, but either way you can personalize your space in several ways.  The first thing to do, whether it’s an inside or outside entry, is make sure the entire area outside of your apartment is clean.  A little sweeping and scrubbing go a long way!If there is grass nearby, do your best to maintain. Rake fall leaves away. The main focal point of any property should not be clouded by debris or overgrown shrubbery. Making a little daily effort, a minute or two, to keep things kept will leave the front of your apartment sparkling!

Outside Entries
If you have an outside entry, make sure your outside light has a working bulb.  People are sometimes hesitant to approach a dark doorway.  A new doormat is an easy and inexpensive fix that may also be changed with the seasons. The use of hanging baskets, potted plants or a topiary will give a welcoming greeting to guests too.  If you have a window in the area, a window box with bright flowers would really spruce things up. Keep your windows clean!  Make sure they don’t clash with the look you are trying to achieve on the outside. If there is room, a small bistro table and chairs would also be inviting.  Many ideas about curb appeal for single-family homes may be adapted to an outside entry apartment. Keep thing personal to your taste, but also general enough that it’s pleasing to the average eye.

Inside Entries

If decorating an inside entry, you will probably be limited to silk or dried flowers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be appealing.  Once again, seasonal doormats may be used to make your space more cheerful.  You may be able to use rope lights around the door to brighten things up for a special occasion or holiday.  Perhaps you have room for a bench that makes it feel more like your own space and not just another motel room entry.

Whatever type of space you have, softening the look not only makes it more appealing to your visitors, but also makes you feel pride in the fact that it is a welcoming place for you to come home to every day.

Kelli McDonald is a contributing writer for a number of popular interior design blogs. She also works with LuxeYard, a website changing the way people think about high end furniture.

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    Great apartment ideas building curb appeal with each unit Kelli, many more than just a fresh coat of paint, very thoughtful article many can benefit.

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