Feb 05

HVAC System Maintenance Is Very Important

Winter or summer, your HVAC system is the one item that uses more energy than all others in your home–and perhaps more than all others combined. Therefore, it’s important to keep it in good working condition.

These systems are very intricate – there is a low pressure side and a high pressure side. There are numerous ways for loss of heating or cooling, they include:

Attic Or Basement


If the ductwork issues arise from the basement, the lowest floor may feel a bit of the heat, but there is still a loss. However, from the attic, it is completely lost. Not only are you losing the warmth from the heated air passing through leaks in the ducts, but you are also adding cold air to the system, and it has to be heated all over again.


The escaping cooled air will fall from the attic and help cool the most upper floor, but most will be lost. The system will work harder to make the air cooled and the HVAC system’s life will be shortened.

Pressure Is Wrong

Each duct should be completely sealed as fans circulate air. Check for leaks annually. Keeping up on the maintenance of your HVAC system is one of your greatest allies. Check the pressure on the low side (returning ducts) and the high side (supply side) individually, to pinpoint where the leaks occur. Air from the outside will be drawn into the rooms and cause the system to work harder to keep a consistent temperature throughout, and often, it is not achieved.

Windows And Doors

Very rarely are houses air tight. Loss is often around the windows and doors. Check for light or feel for air movement around the frame of each. If found, seal them with caulk.

Overall, the money you spend on maintenance is a great deal lower than that spent on the extra electricity if there are leaks. If the thermostat light is lit more often than not, that is a sure clue to the system needs help.

If it is too daunting to do yourself, that is understandable. But chances are, the money you spend on making that maintenance call will pay for itself with a smoother running system.

Change The Filter !

One of the most common causes for an HVAC system to run poorly is the lack of filter changes. This is also one of the easiest! Do yourself a favor and change this every month that you are using the system, summer or winter. When lint and other debris clog this, the system must work overtime and will not circulate very well.

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