Mar 09

Home Maintenance Saves $$$!

With Spring around the corner, this is the time to take care of a few home maintenance projects and save yourself some unforeseen, unwanted repair bills!

Typically this is the time of year you drag out the old ladder from the shed, and spend the better part of your day off cleaning the gutters, washing the windows and screens, and preparing the garden for the up-coming April plantings.

But have you given consideration to the larger issues?  Is your roof really ready to handle those April showers? Are your windows energy efficient, or is now the time to consider an upgrade and save yourself a fortune in energy costs to cool and heat your home?  How about your basement, is there potential for rising water?

These matters are best handled by the professionals that you can easily find at Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ or  http://www.mylaborjob.com

At Handyman Headquarters you can access Contractors in your local area familiar with the seasonal problems that may occur.  Professional, experienced, and dependable, Handyman Headquarters Contractors can help you through the challenge of home improvement, and home maintenance options you may consider this Spring.

Winter snow and ice building up on roof tops may be a memory soon, but the potential for damage from expansive ice, and snow melt can make for roof leaks this Spring.

Asphalt shingles become brittle, causing cracking and splitting on older roofs from repetitive freezing, and tend to perform much better in warm weather. If your asphalt shingle roof is over ten years old it’s worth checking after a hard winter to be sure it is not damaged.

Wooden shingle and shake may have been lifted from position altogether from expansive ice and snow.  If you can see shingles that appear to have moved, you may need some repair.  Have a professional roofing contractor from Handyman Headquarters come out and check everything out.  A leaking roof caught early will save you a bundle in repair costs.

Did you know you can have a professional energy consultant visit your home and make a determination about your energy costs, insulation factors, and make the best recommendations for improving your heating and air conditioning system, windows, doors, attic venting, and more?  Sure, at Handyman Headquarters!

Window replacement has never been more cost effective and value enhancing than today.  Quick and easy to install, energy saving, new window replacement is probably the single most effective way to lower your heating and cooling costs.

The timing couldn’t be better, check with your local energy provider about government funding incentives.  You may find that there is free $$ available for your energy related home improvement!

With April’s showers there is always a potential for ground water to rise. If you have a basement, and have had water or extreme dampness with mold or mildew in the past, consider installing both a dehumidifier, and sump-pumping system.  Save yourself the headache of future water damage and contact a professional before the damage is done!

Handyman Headquarters is the #1 stop for all your home improvement, home repair, and home maintenance needs.

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