Oct 09

Hardwood Flooring Exposed! Maple Oak

There is something about the smooth, continuous beauty of a hardwood floor that is so inviting, and architecturally foundational to American homes.  Whether your flooring is natural American hardwood such as red oak, southern yellow pine, ash, or maple; hardwood flooring is both a significant visual asset and equitable investment.

If your home doesn’t already incorporate a room or two with wall to wall hardwood flooring, what are you waiting for?

Flooring purveyors have generous stocks of unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring available at reasonable prices for every budget.  You can visit your local home improvement center, or flooring supply, and see a physical sample of the flooring that would be most suitable for your use, and meet your design criteria.

Consider the various flooring options available.  If you have an active household, and need an extremely resilient surface, Maple is a great choice. Hard as nails, relatively difficult to scratch or dent, Maple is available in natural and stained finishes.  You can select from many varieties of manufactured widths and thicknesses too. Even popular ‘floating’ floor systems are available in Maple.

The most traditional of hardwood flooring would be Red Oak.  As a matter of fact, many homes built around the turn of the century used Red Old flooring as the structural substrate on top of the floor joists; where today plywood is utilized.

It is not uncommon to have these older Red Oak floors restored!  With the proper skill and equipment, a trained, experienced professional can not only restore your old Red Oak floor, but bring it up to a ‘showroom’ condition that will be the envy of your neighbors!

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Synthetic flooring has come a long way in recent years toward achieving the look and feel of the real thing, natural hardwood.  So for those areas of your home such as the basement, storage areas, children’s play room, or hobby and work shop spaces, you might consider a synthetic ‘floating’ floor.

Floating flooring is pre-sized, and manufactured so as to allow the board lengths to interlock with one another, without the requirement of any nailing, or gluing attachment to the sub-floor material. Often designed and packaged for the ‘do-it-yourself’ inspired, remember, it is always a better outcome when having the work done by an experienced professional.

Done right, a synthetic floating floor can be a very convincing alternative to natural hardwood flooring.

True Hardwood flooring typically requires either nailing, or glue attachment (or both) when installed.  Proper selection and installation of natural hardwood flooring requires a good knowledge of the materials. How will the wood type respond to the environmental conditions where it is installed?  Can it be refinished if desired?  Will the wood shrink or expand with seasonal temperature change?

Also, proper installation requires good ‘finish’ carpentry skills, utilizing the proper tools and methods is a must.

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